American Apparel Dynasty... plus rating system for the blog

Dynasty is beautiful pastel creme purple mauve. Again, the formula is good and nice to apply despite being a little bit watery. Two coats are opaque and removal is without problems. Haha, that's funny, I just don't know what else to write about this polish. Except it looked really pale on me :)

Now...I would like to start some kind of rating which I would use on every new polish and cosmetics I swatch and write review of. I know I will probably change it slightly over the time so I hope you'll bare with me. if you have any suggestions and tips what other attributes I should include, let me know in the comments.

Price: 3/5
Formula: 5/5
Coverage: 4/5
Chipping: 3/5

I plan to include packaging where applicable. So what do you think? Will it help you to decide whether you want the polish?