Foil Crackle manicure inspired by Robin Moses!

Hi everybody, I'm back after a short break!

I'd like to show you a very interesting manicure inspired by amazing Robin Moses. Here you can check out the original YT video :)

I followed every step in the video. Firstly I've painted tips unevenly with Color Club Black. I let it dry and applied thin strokes of Best Glue Ever instead of classic foil glue as Robin gave it such great recommendation! I must say it's really great! It didn't peel on my natural nails and it was extra sticky. After glue dried (it becomes clear), I've cut a piece of Mylar foil and started to stick it to the glued parts of the nail. I've used fuchsia and dark blue foil (can't remember the names, they are not in the packaging). After these steps I got this:

(Artificial light)

The next step was to paint pink and light ble strokes over the wasn't good :-/ My experience with free hand nail art is zero and my brushes are rubbish. The result is not perfect but I still liked this mani very much! I will have to practice a lot :) I've topcoated the whole nail with Seche Vite and didn't experienced any foil cracking. I've worn this mani 5 days!

So what do you think? Should I experiment more with foils?

Oh and don't forget to check Robin's blog and YT channel, she's done some amazing nailart!