Choose the best Xen-Tan product for you! Self-tan products mini serie

Hello lovelies! Today I have here something special for you! I'm starting a 3-part mini serie about Awards winning Xen-Tan self-tanning products. You will find out which one is best for you and what results you will get from different products. I will describe and compare 4 different products. Today I will start with the Gradual and Medium tanning products.
Xen-Tan Transform Luxe - what Xen-Tan says about this product: "For those who prefer to build their tan gradually, but still enjoy a rich, natural-looking finish. Packed with nourishing moisturisers and with a lovely fresh fragrance. Transform Luxe comes in a larger size than Transform, so you can enjoy even more impressively long-lasting results from every bottle."
When you'll open the Transform Luxe, it will hit you in the nose with very rich vanilla scent. If you like sweet scents you'll enjoy it. If you don't I guess it is still much better than the awful self-tanning creams scent. The smell still lasted after 5 hours and did not change. Not every Xen-Tan product has such a strong smell so don't worry about it you can still choose another one.
The product itself is a white-ish cream which becomes almost clear after application. It absorbs reasonably fast and does not leave any oil film on the skin. It does not have a leading colour so you have to be very careful not to skip any part of your skin. 
The colour I got overnight was just few shades darker than I had before. You won't get dark after one application with this product. But it is perfect for people who are really pale and for people who want to regulate their colour. You can apply cream again if you want even darker result, it is pretty straightforward. Tan lasted on me for about 5 days and then it started to fade away. I've applied it in a patch so you can see the colour deifference.
Transform Luxe applied before properly spread

Colour the morning after. You can see slightly darker patch on the skin.
The second product is Mousse Intense. I've already reviewed this product before HERE but I'll just remind you key points about it just for sole purpose of comparison of all four products. 
Mousse Intense - what Xen-Tan says about this product: "Easy-to-apply alternative to our lotions and sprays, Xen-Tan Mousse Intense is for you. Containing a remarkable ingredient that provides a darker, deeper and longer-lasting olive colour than ever before, it ensures beautiful, natural results every time.”
I've used Xen-Tan after a good peeling to make sure I don't have any dry/dead skin cells. I've prepared the mitt that I've got with it. Firstly you have to shake the bottle well and then you can start to pump mousse out. It is also really great and helpful that it leaves guide colour so you can see where you've already applied the product. The mousse absorbs really quickly, in about two minutes and leaves sweet vanilla scent. It is really nice in comparison with the ordinary self-tanning products. The scent lasts for few hours, after that is fades a little and reminds me of the ordinary smell a bit. The mousse dries completely very fast so I didn't get any colour marks on clothes. 
Another great thing is that you'll get a medium tan, not dark one straight away which is really good if you want to be able to regulate the colour. If you want darker colour just apply second coat next day. I had no streaks which is really lovely. The website states that tan should last up to 7 days but it lasted on me much longer and I am really happy with the result.
The colour next morning after application:
In the second part of the serie I will review Xen-Tan Dark Lotion and Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe so stay tuned!