Vampy, dark & flaky manicure with Nubar and Nfu Oh #60

I'm still loving Nfu Oh flaky polishes! No matter what, I will still love them!

At first I was going to wear just Nubar Ruby Velvet, dark shimmery red but then I thougt...wait a minute, why don't you use some kick-ass flaky polish??? I grabbed Nfu Oh #60 which darkened the red a lot. The result is dark brown with lot of red vampy undertones going on there.

But what I love about the mani even more is the changing coolour of flakies from burnt orange to green.

So in the end I've used OPI Base Coat, two coats of Nubar Ruby Velvet, one coat of Nfu Oh #60 and sealed with coat of Seche Vite.