Cetuem 167 - beautiful duochrome!

Have you ever heard of Cetuem brand? I firstly came across it in September at Olympia Beauty exhibition in London and they had about whopping 250 nail polish shades! I frankly didn't know which ones to choose, there were so many beauties! I went home with 7 colours and today I'll show you the first one.

Apparently Cetuem is very well known for their skincare products and skin serums, but I haven't heard of them before. One thing is a shame though - numbering their nail polishes :( I really like when polishes have name, it's easier to remember and to identify.

Cetuem 167 -duochrome dusty purple. The dusty purple colour is a base colour, but the duochrome effect makes the colour go from brownish to orange and pink. Really nice! The formula was good, little runny though so I had to be careful and control the amount of nail polish on the brush. Pigmentation was good as well, I needed just two coats for a full coverage. The colour was a little streaky and drying time was average.

I haven't actually seen this brand anywhere in the shop but you can get them on www.cetuem.com and they cost £9.95

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