My cosmetic bag and my must-haves inside!

Hi everybody!

I've been thinking about writing post about my cosmetic bag and its content for a while. Firstly, I want to show you a set of three cosmetic bags I have got from Simply Bags website. I absolutely adore them! The best thing is that lovely people at Simply bags embroidered my name on one of the cosmetic bags! Now it's just mine :) I can only recommend them, they are great quality and inside is from a material that can be easily wiped clean. That's very useful for me, I had few eyeshadow disasters in the past :-/ Oh, and the colour combination! I must do inspired manicure *noted*! These three bags and one of them monogrammed cost $18.99 and there is so many of them to choose from, it was really a hard choice! Simply Bags is definitely worth to visit, they do every single bag style you can think of from bridal bags to laptop bags.

Right now I don't have to travel anywhere and take my cosmetic bag with me so the content of  is just basically what I need for my basic makeup excluding makeup brushes. I always start with concealer (Illamasqua concealer), then apply foundation (Erno Laszlo Tinter Moisturizer), powder (T. LeClerc in Chair Ocree, I have it in a smaller jar for easier use). My favourite bronzer/blush during the summer and early autumn was T. LeClerc Multi Usage Powder in Aurore. Then of course I have there my favourite gel eyeliner (MAC Blacktrack), mascara primer (Sephora) and two mascaras. And that's basically it :) I have all my eyeshadows, highlighters and other cosmetics in my dressing table and it would definitely not fit into these three bags :D No way :D