OPI Muppets Collection swatches - Part 1: Colours

Hi girls,

I would like to put the Muppets Collection in one place (actually two places - two parts) so that's why this post :) Glitters coming next :)

Here we go, OPI Muppets Holiday Collection 2011:

Designer... de Better! - silver foil packed with orange flecks. This is a great polish! It's so shiny! It applied great and the pigmentation is good so I've used 2 thicker coats. Drying time was average but you can use fast drying top coat. The only problem was the small brush that comes with the OPI minis (of course, my choice..). I've never seen the same shade anywhere so for me this is definitely a unique shade. Sure I've seen silver foil polishes but they haven't had the orange flecks.

Wocka Wocka! - deep shimmerry red. Beautiful dark red with a great formula! The pigmentation was excellent - I've used 2 coats but the first one was almost enough. It was very easy to apply, not watery at all and dried reasonably fast. 

Warm & Fozzie -Gold, brown and pink foil particles. This colour is quite hard to describe because it looks like foil but it's not really foil. Also all the particles are kinda in a light coloured jelly. I've used two thicker coats and the coverage was quite enough. Polish dried fast and the colour is sooo cute!

Meep Meep Meep - pink and gold glass flecks in a fuchsia jelly-like base. Beautiful, beautiful colour! I like jelly and glass flecks polishes and this one is just yummy! It applied really nicely and formula dries quite fast - just like most of other OPIs. I've used two coats and it was enough for a full coverage. If you'll enlarge the close up images, you'll see that the glass flecks make the nail sufrace a little rough. I'd recommend thick topcoat like Seche Vite to even the surface.

Animal-istic -reddish orange duochrome changing into rosy pink. Duochrome is not very strong but it is there and you can spot it in some pictures. I firstly thought that it is a shimmer but when I looked closer I saw fine glass flecks in it. The flecks are much finer than in Meep Meep Meep. The pigmentation is very good, I've applied two coats for a full coverage but even in one coat the colour was good-ish. Also polish dried fast even without topcoat.

 Pepe's Purple Passion - dark raisin/burgundy purple with glass flecks. The glass fleck seem to be gold and purple in the bottle but I couldn't actually spot them on the nail, they got coloured. The application was difficultt because the polish is quite thick and gooey and the glass fleck stick together, I had application problems especially on the sides of the nails as I couldn't paint a straight line :-/ Definitely worst formula of all Muppets but bear in mind all others have great formula. Pigmentation is good, I've applied 2 coats for a full coverage. I applied topcoat because the finish was a bit gritty from the larger glass flecks.