December JolieBox and Boudoir Prive Goodbye box - quick review & photos

Hello :)

It finally arrived! My first Joliebox! I've read that some girls received it on last Friday so I was impatiently expecting it on Saturday but nothing :( It was a looong wait till Monday but it is finally here together with my Boudoir Prive Goodbye box.

Joliebox is a renamed Boudoir Prive and it comes in black sleek box. The box is thinner than Boudoir Prive or GlossyBox's.

Apparently everybody has the same box so my review won't be a surprise :) The box contents are:

  • OPI Gold Shatter - full sized bottle of OPI nail polish is awesome!!! The polish itself costs around £10. I will be trying this one once my nails grow back to the normal length
  • Mitchell and Peach Shower Wash - Shower wash containing natural English honey, Vitamin E and wheat proteins. It smells to me like lavender which I cannot stand so it will either go to my swap box or as a stocking filler :) Full size bottle is 250ml and is sold for £20. The sample size from the box is 50ml which has value of £4.
  • New Cid Cosmetics i-gloss in Baby Doll - Light up lip gloss with mirror for a non-sticky, long-lasting and high-glam shine. well in my opinion it is sticky quite a lot but the light and mirror is pretty cool. The applicatior is brush. This is a full sized lipgloss that retails for £14.40
  • Jane Iredale 24-Karat Gold Dust in Rose Gold - A multi-use shimmer powder in shade Rose Gold to apply to cheeks, eyes, lips, body and even hair. I don't know if this is a full sized product (but probably is), it has1.8g. Full size retails for around £10.90
  • Yon-Ka Vital Defense - Anti-aging prevention, antioxidant and anti-pollution cream to help the skin to preserve its youthfulness. Full size product has 50ml and costs around £40. The sample I got in the box has 5ml which is value around £4

Extras in the box:

  • Kushmi Detox Tea - A delicious blend of Mate, Chinese Green tea and lemon grass full flavoured with lemon. This tea smells divine! I love the rich lemon smell! Tastes after lemon as well, very pleasant taste. Full size tea tin has 125g and costs approximately £13. The tin I've got is 20g, value around £2
  • Joliebox Concealer brush - very nice wide synthetic brush for concealer which I will definitely use. I like to have few different brushes for everything. I have no idea of a retail price

And just to show you the contents of the my Goodbye Boudoir Prive Box (last Boudoir Prive box with the best of product selection)