A big haul - my recent swaps, giveaway win and purchases!

Hi everybody,

I've decided to show you some of my recent purchases and swaps.

Nail art haul: I got some more nail art brushes for my adventures, set of dotting tools which I REALLY like and also the Red Angel Nail Art Stamping plates.

Red Angel plates

I've won an Apple Giveaway at Lacky Nails! This is a big thank you to Mona who was hosting this giveaway. I was one of the lucky winners who gets to try some of the Swedish nail polish brands.

Be sure to check her blog, she posts really good swatch pictures!

And the best at the end of the post:  LEGEN......wait for it.......DARY! swap with brazilian beauty Luciana! I was so over the moon when she agreed to do this swap with me because I wanted Brazil polishess for soooo long! You all know them - Hits and Luduranas are making us all drool :D There is Ludurana Emocionante missing in the picture and it is the most beautiful multichrome I've had on my nails so far. Will post soon ;) Thank you Luciana for a really great swaps and thoughtful gifts!