China Glaze Prismatic Collection: Polarized - Review and swatches

Hi everybody!

This is the last glitter from China Glaze Prismatic collection I have yet to publish. It is called Polarized and it's beautiful silver based glitter.

Polarized - silver glitter mixed with different coloured glitter. This is my least favourite colour from the collection but that's just because I prefer colours rather than silver shade :) As it's silver colour, it isn't duochrome. The formula with all these Prismatic glitters is the same - It applied easily despite it being a glitter but it dried quite slow and a bit gritty. I would expect it to be clumpy with so much glitter in it but it is not at all. Two coats were enough for the coverage, there's plenty of glitter in the polish. I had to use a topcoat (Seche Vite) to make it smooth and shiny and it was worth it!

Direct sunlight