Jessica Iridescent Eye from Peacock Queen Collection - Review and swatches

Hello lovelies!

Lately I'm really loving green irridescent and duochrome colours on my nails. Yesterday I was wearing Hits Trendy (coming soon) and today I'll show you Beautiful Jessica Iridescent Eye. It is a Chanel Peridot dupe but for the third of the price ;)

Iridescent Eye - duochrome multichrome metallic peacock green. I really love this shade, the colour is changing from gold, golden olive green to darker green and blue. In the pictures I have just one coat of Iridescent Eye over two coats of Barielle Green Opal. By itself Iridescent Eye is opaque in three coats so layering it over darker or different green polish will save you beautiful polish and nerves with streaks :D Yes, the polish is a bit streaky but in the second and third coat they're not that bad. It dried quite fast and removal was without problems.