Hits No Olimpo Afrodite - review and swatches of rose pink holographic polish

Hello lovelies!

I'm still really happy about my swap with Luciana from Brazil and this is another beauty I got - Hits Aphrodite. Like many women, it's really beautiful but not worth the trouble :D :D :D And I'll tell you why...

Aphrodite - rose pink holographic polish. It's a lovely dark pink holo shade but why is it not worth the trouble? Because the formula sucks big time! It's literally like a glue, gloopy and it is patchy! This is my second attempt to apply it as the first one failed. And now imagine when I've spent quite a lot not only on the polish but also on the postage which was extortionate (not Luciana's fault) and the bottle has just 6ml. 6ml!!! That's like for four applications and if the first one fails you loose like quarter of the polish! I've tried some other shades from No Olimpo collection and they seemed to be ok so WHY there is such a difference in formula? Ok rant over, let's get back to reviewing...

Polish dries fast and smells quite funny. Not like usual nail polish, I can't describe it. The brush is really wide, for me too wide. OPI brush is the widest I can stand :-/ I don't really know how to tell if it's linear or scattered holo (please don't stone me) so I can't tell you which one it is :D But the effect is strong enough to be a nice holo effect. It is not strong as Nfu Oh or CHG OMG collection but it's ok.

Hits No Olimpo Afrodite - pink holographic polish

Hits No Olimpo Afrodite - pink holographic polish

Hits No Olimpo Afrodite - pink holographic polish

Unless you really, really love the colour, don't buy this shade! Formula was awful and it's not worth your money! Other shades are ok but not this one.

If you won't be doing a swap with somebody from Brazil, you can buy Hits polishes from Llarowe for $10 or from Ninja Polish for 8$ (but mostly Out of Stock).