Hits Trend beetlejuice duochrome polish from Mari Moon MODERN set! Review and swatches

Hello lovelies,

I have a gem to share today! I was very lucky to do a big swap with Luciana from Brazil and amongst other awesome polishes I got Hits Mari Moon sets. Shame they are only 6ml per bottle. Trend is the first polish from these sets I'll show you.

Trend - metallic duochrome beetlejuice green changing from yellow-green to dark green. Absolutely stunning colour, much nicer in real life. I'm wearing two thicker coats which were enough for a full coverage but the polish was quite streaky so I had to be very careful with the application. It lasted on my two days, after that I've experienced some chipping. Unfortunately every single imperfection of the nail will translate to the polish :( But this colour creates really eye-catching nails!

Here are quick swatches of the whole Hits Mari Moon collection, some polishes are just stunning!