Want to see my epic holiday (well August) haul?

Hello lovelies,

I'm finally back home from a very long holiday and I have a haul for you! There's actually two - The first half of the polishes is what I've brought with me from Czech Republic and the second half is what was waiting for me at home when I came back! Absolutely awesome nail mail and first batch of birthday gifts for me :D Here they are all together:

I brought these beauties from Czech Republic. Essence has recently changes the bottles of polishes so I've bought some. As you can see they are bigger (8ml) and opposed to 5ml bottles below. I also couldn't resist buying some Catrice polishes, gorgeous BeYu Brilliant Shiraz (looks like it was the last bottle everywhere), some Nubars, Essies and Gabriella Salvette polishes. Overall very successful but a bit expensive trip :))

And these beauties were waiting for me at home! They are all currently waiting for a review and I'll do my best to show you swatches asap!