Do you want to know my secret weapon? It's SpaRitual Cuti-Coctail Pen & Pusher!

Hello lovelies,

Today I will show you a product that is very special to me! This is my secret weapon against dry cuticles and brittle nails and my currently favourite nail care product! Let me introduce you to SpaRitual Cuti-Coctail Pen & Pusher!

I got my first SpaRitual Cuti-Coctail Pen & Pusher as a sample for review and after a week of use I fell in love with it and purchased many more. I have used it several times during the day for two weeks at first and I have noticed huge improvement. My cuticles were no longer dry and flaky and my nails were feeling much stronger.

Interested? Let's check out the product then...

Lucy's Stash - SpaRitual Cuti-Coctail Pen & Pusher

The oil comes in a handy twisting pen with a brush and a rubber cuticle pusher on the cap. It took a bit of twisting before the product came out. Also you need to twist clock wise, not counter clockwise as the directions state.

The formula is something between oil and gel so it is not runny like oil and it's more thicker, like gel. Once it's on the nails & cuticles it kind of melts. It doesn't soak in instantly but it is not oily like normal nail oils so I'm not afraid to use it during the day when I'm on the laptop. 

Lucy's Stash - SpaRitual Cuti-Coctail Pen & Pusher

SpaRitual Cuti-Coctail Pen & Pusher contains many good things for nails and cuticles. In addition to the ingredients listed in the picture below, it contains one of the best things for nails - jojoba oil! You should read this very comprehensive guide by Nail Care HQ where you'll find out why jojoba oil also helps with brittle nails! Guide is HERE.

It really does wonders if you use it regularly and least for me it worked amazingly. 

Lucy's Stash - SpaRitual Cuti-Coctail Pen & Pusher

How do I use it? I twist the end of the pen to get a bit of product out and then brush it on my cuticles and nails (if they are bare). I let it sit for at least 5 minutes before I massage it into the skin and nails. It is good to massage it to the skin above the cuticles as well because the nails are forming underneath there too and will benefit from it.

I use it several times a day, basically as much as I can. If your cuticles are in a really bad state, use it as often as you can. Once your cuticles are good then you can use it a bit less just to keep them in good condition.

Lucy's Stash - SpaRitual Cuti-Coctail Pen & Pusher

To show you I'm not lying about how much I like the product, look at my recent purchase ;)

Lucy's Stash - SpaRitual Cuti-Coctail Pen & Pusher

So you know what I want to say - I absolutely love this product and right now it is my no.1 nail oil product for a day use (for night I usually do a wrap with various creams & almond oil). After I use up all the pens I will buy the 15ml bottle with a dropper applicator and will refill the pens (I've already tried it and it's possible). That will be much more economical than buying new pen every time. Wonderful product, hands down!

EDIT: I totally forgot to tell you that it also smells like sweet apples, yummy!

You can get these wherever SpaRitual polishes are sold and at:
UK: SpaRitual UK website,
US: SpaRitual US website
Worldwide: FeelUnique (in a larger packaging in a bottle with a dropper only)

*One cuticle pen has been provided for a review