Re: MissJenFabulous aka The Nail Art Thief post

Hello lovelies,


I've decided to write this post to not only speak up for myself but also to raise awareness. What am I talking about? Well in case you haven't heard yet, YouTube user MissJenFabulous has been posting nail art video tutorials for years now, gaining a huge audience and making money of it as well. It would all be ok IF the nail art designs were her own OR if she would give credit to the nail artist she copied the design from/got inspired by. She doesn't do it. Instead she deletes all comments asking for credit or pointing out that the design is not an original idea and blocks the user. It's very hypocritical from a person who asks for credit when you recreate a design she did in her YT videos.


Moreover, people on Instagram and other social media have been using hashtag #missjenfabulous to tell her followers about her shady business so she came up with a giveaway using the same hashtag so the feed is clogged up with giveaway posts instead of the truth about her. I don't think that I need to point out that she hasn't been doing giveaway up until now. That just proves how hard she is working to bury the truth. Pathetic.


Up until now I was 'just' appalled and shared this video and article by Zenorah with you. The video explains this issue in more details and provides even more evidence. Now I'm outraged because it got personal. Now she had done a video of one of my designs that I came up with and as far as I know I was the first blogger to do this design. This is the second time this has happened...

Re: MissJenFabulous aka The Nail Art Thief post


Yes, the dotted swirl design comes in fact from me and I've done it back in May 2012. My original picture has been going around social networks quite a lot with my watermark on it so if she had seen it she could have easily seen who had done the design.


It's just so discrespectful and insulting to people like me and other bloggers who actually come up with fresh new designs!


As I said previously, this isn't the first time she had copied a design I've done first. She has done it with my Fishtail Braid design back in 2012. At that time I wasn't aware of her at all but below is a picture showing clearly that she had done the design after me. I kind of started the whole fishtail nails craze with my picture tutorial which have been shared a lot and since then many people have recreated it (and to those who credited back to me I thank).


EDIT: It has come to my attention that there has been one tutorial by Rebecca Likes Nails before I've done it (approx. year earlier). I had no idea about it which only shows that two can have the same idea :) I encourage you to visit Rebecca's blog too. This doesn't change anything on the fact that MJF is blatantly copying others' designs and profitting on them.


Re: MissJenFabulous aka The Nail Art Thief post


I don't want to encourange abuse or bulying so please don't leave her abusive comments. There is still a real person behind the screen and even though I consider this person unethical she shouldn't be called rude names. Nobody should.


Before you start typing any rude comment ask yourself this - would you be happy if someone stole and idea/book script/painting and got all the praise, all the credit and possibly money for idea that YOU thought up first and this other person just took it from you? To me it is not 'just' nail is art and as such it is also considered an intelectual property. If you don't know much about intellectual property laws please do some research first before dismissing them as unimportant.


So why I wrote this post?

I wrote it because there is something wrong and unethical going on and I want you to know about it. I want you to have all the facts so you can make an informed decision whether you want to be subscribed to a person who is disrespecting all us, nail artist and all of what we are trying to acheive. We don't steal from each other and we don't block each other. The nail community is in uproar and I think rightfully. Now it's up to you to decie whether you want to support person like MissJenFabulous or real & original nail artists. Watch the video and post I linked to above and make up your own mind about who she really is.


Love, Lucie x