Metallic Dots Manicure - Nail Foil Nail Art

Hello lovelies,


I was playing with nail foils the other day and I thought - what about foil/metallic dots? I haven't done anything like that before so I wanted to try that idea.


For this manicure I have used CND Tinted Love VINYLUX nail polish, metallic nail foils and nail foil glue (use LUHH10 for 10% discount).


Metallic Dots Manicure - Nail Foil Nail Art
Metallic Dots Manicure - Nail Foil Nail Art
Metallic Dots Manicure - Nail Foil Nail Art


How it's done:

1. Paint your nails with 1-2 coats of your chosen polish and let it dry

2. Use dotting tool and nail foil glue and dot the glue on nail where you want your foil dots to be. Let the glue dry properly, it must be completely transparent

3. Cut a bit of foil and press it over the dry glue dots. Lift it up and check that whole dots are covered in foil. If not, press unused part of foil on the dots again.

4. Once you're happy with the dots, seal the design with water or oil-based topcoat (they don't destroy foils) or alternatively you can use Picture Polish Revolution, a glitter base coat that supposedly works as base coat as well.


Quite simple, right? I like that the foil dots are a bit different from all other dotted nails I've seen and I think I'll do some more experiments with this method. Would you fancy a video tutorial?


Have a lovely day! Lucie x