Guest Post: Ida Nails It at Lucy's Stash!

Hello lovelies,


Today I have for you a stunning watermarble manicure from Ida aka Ida Nails It! Ida usually does swatches but I managed to convince her to do nail art and it came out amazing! I can't do watermarble so I admire hers very much :) Enjoy the post...



Hey all! This is Ida from Ida Nails It. I have been a long time follower of Lucy's Stash and was more than happy to be able to guest post for her while she is away. I have always loved her nail art and knew that I had to do some sort nail art of my own. For my post today, I decided to go with a look that shows off a few things I love: neon polishes, dots, and water-marbling.


Yes! That's right, I said water-marbling! If you had told me a year ago that I would love to do water-marbling nail art, I would have said, "NOPE". Well, after a lot of practice and most importantly, finding polishes that spread well, I have more than come around to this nail art technique.


Guest Post: Ida Nails It at Lucy's Stash!
Guest Post: Ida Nails It at Lucy's Stash!



I decided to go with bright neon colors from the Pipe Dream Polish A Night in Vegas Collection, specifically On the List, Light of Day, 110 Degrees, All In, and V.I.P Pass. There are many neon collections out there (and I own more than a few myself) but I find myself going back to the Pipe Dream A Night in Vegas Collection, as they do really work well for water-marbling.


After I water-marbled each nail, I wanted to go one step further and added some black dots to accent. Because everything looks better with dots! Using a dotting tool and my go to black polish, American Apparel Hassid, I free handed random lines of small dots. I really liked how these turned out, with the black contrasting against the bright neon colors.


Guest Post: Ida Nails It at Lucy's Stash!


I hope you have enjoyed my post for today and thank you Lucie for having me!



Thank you Ida for truly awesome guest post and nail art, I've really enjoyed your post :) If you'd like to see more from Ida, you can follow her at :







Have a lovely day! Lucie x