Guest Post: Narmai PiggieLuv at Lucy's Stash!

Hello lovelies,


Please welcome Narmai aka PiggieLuv, an amazing nail artist! I have been admiring her work since she started blogging and I'm sure many of you have seen her work at some point. She specializes in hand painted designs and as I call it 'out of the box 3D' nails. For today she has prepared a beautiful beach landscape and tutorial!



Hey ladies! I can't tell you how excited I am to be here, to be asked to guest post for Lucy's Stash! I've been a fan of her nails for forEVER so this is like a dream come true :) I chose to paint a dreamy beach landscape, it's the perfect romantic getaway for a honeymoon!


I like freehanding landscapes, it's such a relaxing thing for me. I use acrylic craft paints to paint, they are easier to work with than nail polish. They are easier to mix, to dilute, and they're much thinner than polish so it's easier to paint tiny details with them. Plus of course my Roubloff 00 detail brush, can't forget that one!


Guest Post: Narmai PiggieLuv at Lucy's Stash!
Guest Post: Narmai PiggieLuv at Lucy's Stash!
Guest Post: Narmai PiggieLuv at Lucy's Stash!



Now if I could only.... jump into my nails.... Wouldn't you love to take a vacation right there in that spot?




A big thanks to Lucie for having me, I hope you're having fun!!!!



WOW! How awesome is this nail art? Narmai is super talented and I am so honoured to have her here! You simply MUST follow her! You can do so at:







Have a lovely day! Lucie x