Guest Post: Paulina's Passions at Lucy's Stash!

Hello lovelies,


Today I have here beeeautiful floral manicure courtesy of talented Paulina aka Paulina's Passions. Paulina is not a newbie to my blog and has guest posted for me in the past years. She never disappoints and comes up with an awesome nail art! Let's check out her post...



That moment when your favorite blogger invites you for a guest post. Priceless!

Hi the awesome readers of Lucy's Stash, it's Paulina from Paulina's Passions writing to you. It's so lovely to be here again. I am taking over Lucy's blog for today while she is enjoying her holidays. I made some cute blue flowers for you guys and I cannot wait to share them with you. Roses are my absolute favorite to make and I really hope that you are going to like them as much as I do.


Guest Post: Paulina's Passions at Lucy's Stash!



I love making bright and colorful nail art, especially pretty florals. I think there aren't many things that can beat a feminine floral nail art! The design that I made today is inspired by Paula from @just1nail. I started my design with making light blue half moons. I used some stickers to help me make the lines perfectly rounded. The gorgeous blue polish that I used as a base is LVX Celeste. Such a pretty color (one of my top favorites from my stash) and it's a one coater!


Guest Post: Paulina's Passions at Lucy's Stash!



Then I added a little bit of sparkle to my base. I tend to sparkle up my manis whenever I can and I think it looks extra eye-catching. I used El Corazon Art Top Coat no. 421. For my roses, I used two shades of blue. The lighter one is KIKO. no. 340 and the darker one for shading is Cameo Colours Lacquers Monday. I made the flowers with a thin nail art brush and at the end to add extra depth I used a white polish for some highlight. These roses were actually quite tiny, as I had to fit around five of them in a row, so I had to be very precise.


Guest Post: Paulina's Passions at Lucy's Stash!



I finished off my mani by adding bright green leaves. I think floral designs always need leaves! They contrast so nicely and bring balance at the same time. Everything looks so much more alive and vibrant. I used a bright green from Models Own called Toxic Apple. At the end I added a generous layer of top coat to add some shine.


Guest Post: Paulina's Passions at Lucy's Stash!



What do you guys think of these sparkly blue roses?




If you are a fan of bright colors, pretty florals and love nail polish (duh!), please visit my website Paulina's Passions. You are going to find plenty of floral designs over there, as they are my favorite ones to make. You can also connect with my via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. I post there frequently and I love to connect with my followers.


Thank you again Lucy for having me here. You are such an inspiration for so many of us and it was a pleasure to write a guest post for your blog. I hope you enjoy your holidays and will come back to us soon with more stunning nails! See you, Paulina



Thank you Paulina, what a beautiful manicure! I'm so glad Paulina has joined this year's guest bloggers again and I hope you'll follow her because she is a great inspiration for nail art :)


Have a lovely day! Lucie x