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Have you tried anything and everything to make your nail polish last more than 2 or 3 days? Well, maybe I have a solution for you! I have been testing the new Morgan Taylor REACT duo (base and top coat) promising prolonging the wear of your polish by 50% in the past few weeks and today I can finally reveal the results. Let's have a look at the products first...


Review: Morgan Taylor REACT No Light Extended Wear Base & Top Coat
Review: Morgan Taylor REACT No Light Extended Wear Base & Top Coat


"The innovative REACT range consists of two varnishes; the Morgan Taylor REACT No Light Extended Wear Top Coat and the Morgan Taylor REACT No Light Extended Wear Base Coat, both of which work with any polish colour and brand transforming it into an extended nail polish.


Once applied, manicures last up to 50% longer than average, and with no need to use an LED lamp or to soak for removal either, this ten day long wear range makes a great investment to any at-home nail kit."


  • With REACT your manicure can last up to 50% longer
  • Works with any lacquer system
  • No LED light needed
  • Up to 10 days of wear and soak–free removal
  • Gelish infused technology with base radical colour adhesion


These claims left me very curious and I wanted to test this new 'system' myself. Since the Morgan Taylor REACT duo can be used with any brand of nail polish, I've painted my nails with A England Polovetsian Dances and Morgan Taylor Berry Contrary to test it.


I've started with one coat of Morgan Taylor REACT Base Coat on clean and dry nails - I like to wipe nails with isopropyl alcohol and no lint wipe before painting. Then I've applied two coats of the A England and Morgan Taylor polishes and sealed them with one coat of the REACT Top Coat.


Review: Morgan Taylor REACT No Light Extended Wear Base & Top Coat


Morgan Taylor REACT Base Coat has a thicker consistency than regular base coats - not watery/runny but little bit thicker. It was still nice to apply and it had bit of a ridge-filling effect.


Morgan Taylor REACT Top Coat is a bit different to other top coats too. It's thicker and it also smells differently. Almost like it's made to smell flowery but with a mixed chemical taste. When I was applying the top coat I was very sceptical of the whole system because it was smearing polish underneath a little and I had to use thicker coats to avoid patching. I literally had three good strokes to finish the nail otherwise it would drag the already drying layers. So advice - work fast and have enough product on the brush! On the other hand the top coat dried fast and glossy. In 15 minutes the coat hardened quite well and I could do light work like typing on a laptop.


Each bottle holds 15ml of product and has a wide flat brush with clear bristles. This is how my nails looked 5 days in:


Review: Morgan Taylor REACT No Light Extended Wear Base & Top Coat


I've had only minor tipwear and some scratched surface after 5 days which I think was quite good result so far. Next up is the photo of a 10 days wear:


Review: Morgan Taylor REACT No Light Extended Wear Base & Top Coat


As you can see, the polish doesn't look that great anymore but it still held up quite good. My long nails are quite flexible so I've had my nails bent few times which caused the cracking in the polish. The tipwear was still quite minor (I accidentally dipped the tip of my index finger into acetone which caused the lack of polish on the tip).


So does this system really extend the wear of polish by 50%? I think it does! I've deliberately used two different brands since the system is supposed to work with ANY brand and it passed the test. So now you know the result and it's up to you to try this duo. 


Morgan Taylor React duo is available from Sally UK stores nationwide and www.sallyexpress.com for £12.95 per bottle. For US and other countries - these should be available where Morgan Taylor products are sold.


So what do you think? Will you be trying this new duo and test the longevity for yourself?


Have a lovely day! Lucie x


*PR samples



Hello lovelies,


I have the last guest for you today and it's from Emiline aka Nail Polish Society! I' so happy to welcome Emiline here today, she's a fab nail bloger and the nail art she created for this post is so beautiful. I'm currently participating in her ABC nail art challenge which I hope to resume soon :) Let's have a look at her post:


Hi everyone! I'm Emiline from the blog Nail Polish Society and I am beyond excited and honored to be a guest on the amazing Lucy's Stash! I have been a huge fan of this blog for years and am still constantly inspired by Lucie's creativity. Not only is she uber talented, but is very humble and sweet too, which is equally inspiring in my opinion.

For my post I've chosen to do some nail art featuring Lucie's collaborative stamping plate with Bundle Monster (BM-XL209). I've had my eye on this plate since it came out but it always seemed to be sold out when I went to buy it. I am so glad I finally have it because the images are gorgeous! I recently did a similar look with the feather image from this plate and I adore it. This negative space image though is probably my favorite!


Guest Post: Stamping Nail Art from Emiline aka Nail Polish Society


For this look I started with a base of white polish. Then with a makeup sponge I dabbed on four of the shades from the Pretty Serious Pastel Pet Names Collection (Fluffykins, Peachie Poo, Little Duckling, Doodle Bug) to create my gradient. I let it dry for a little while, then stamped on the image using Rica Blackout and a clear stamper. I finished it all off with a top coat applied generously to avoid smearing all that black polish.


Guest Post: Stamping Nail Art from Emiline aka Nail Polish Society
Guest Post: Stamping Nail Art from Emiline aka Nail Polish Society


Well there you have it, I hope you enjoy what I've done! Thank you so much for having me Lucie. And thank you all for reading. If you don't have this stamping plate yet, you seriously need it!



Thank you Emiline for this ah-mazing post and nail art and thank you for using my collaboration stamping plate ;) You can follow Emiline's work on her blog Nail Polish SocietyFacebook and Instagram.


Hope you've enjoyed today's post and from now on I will be posting again! Heva a lovely day, Lucie x