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Hello lovelies,


Let's kick the year off with an elegant white lace manicure, shall we? It's very easy to do because I have used water decals instead of painting the lace freehand.

White Lace Decals Nail Art feat. Barry M and Born Pretty Store
White Lace Decals Nail Art feat. Barry M and Born Pretty Store
White Lace Decals Nail Art feat. Barry M and Born Pretty Store


When working with water decals I've found that the preparation is really important. Pre-cut all the decals before you start painting your nails to avoid any smudging. It's also good to find a small glass or bowl you'll later need.


When everything was prepared I could start applying two coats of Barry M Caramel which is a matte beige brown shade. Then I followed following steps:


1. Remove the first layer of film from the pre-cut piece of decal and plunge it into bowl of warm water for 10-20 seconds
2. Moisten the nail and place the wet decal in position
3. Once you're happy with the position you can dry out the water drops carefully using a tissue or a paper towel. You can also blow dry your nails a bit
4. When completely dry, seal the whole design with topcoat

5. Repeat the same process with next nail


White Lace Decals Nail Art feat. Barry M and Born Pretty Store


I think the result looks very nice and it didn't take very long to do. I did have few small problems on the way because I'm not very experienced in working with water decals but I've managed. The decals crinkled a bit because of my naturally curved nails so sometimes I've had to cut them a little so they would lie flat. They are a bit firmer than some of the really soft and tear-prone decals I've used before and they tke a bit more drying and pressing on nail.


The water decals I have used are from Born Pretty Store (pattern D205). One sheet contains 10 decals. Don't forget to use my 10% discount code LUHH10.



*PR samples - both decals and the polish were provided for review




Happy New Year!


Yesterday you've seen the best of nail art I've done last year and today I feel like writing a bit of a summary of the last year and maybe some resolutions and blogging goals...let's see how this goes ;)


Firstly, I'd like to say a massive thank you to all of you for making 2013 an incredible year for me. It wouldn't have been possible without you and I know it very well.


A lot has happened last year but these are my highlights:


- Cosmopolitan Blog Awards - this is my favourite thing that had happened last year for two reasons. First one: It's an incredible honour for me and I am so grateful to you guys for voting for me plus I've had a great time. The second reason is that I have met the best UK bloggers ever, Sammy from The Nailasaurus, Alice from One Nail To Rule Them All, Allie from Brit Nails and the gorgeous Amelia from xameliax. I'm so happy I met the girls!

2013 Recap & Blogging Resolutions


- Magazines - Being published in magazines was another highlight for me. I've had an article written about me in the Scratch magazine in the 'Nails on Net' section. I'm also being regularly featured in Perfect Hair & Nails magazine and had one little snippet in Vitality magazine. I consider that a certain recognition and it really makes me proud of my work :)


- Milestones - I've reached several milestones this year including 10,000 Pinterest and Tumblr, 9,000 Facebook and incredible 30,000 Instagram followers. THANK YOU!


- New blog design & platform. Lucy's Stash came through two major transformations this year and that was the new & current blog design which I hope to keep for a while and also the change of blogging platform from Blogger to Overblog was a major change. I'm still working on some minor changes but hopefully the change didn't cause you too much grief


- piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013 - I've actually won this year's Blog Fest among couple of other bloggers and holy smokes how that makes me proud! And you know what that means, right? - The possibility of my own piCture pOlish shade ;)


2013 Recap & Blogging Resolutions



Blogging Goals for 2014


Well, I've never made any list of blogging goals and that's probably why I haven't achieved the ones I thought up in my head. Now I want to change that so I'm making commitment and I want to achieve following:


- Finally make 'My Nail Care Routine' post. I've been meaning to do it for at least year and a half and never gotten to it. Although I did manage to do a video on How I paint my nails


- Keep making more video tutorials - I hope this is something that you'll want & like :)


- Feature more reviews of hand & nail care products


- Take pictures of both of my hands more often



So this is the bit where I promise to do my best to fulfil all those set goals ;) Once again thank you so much everyone for the support and love you've shown me in the 2013. I hope I can give back!

2013 Recap & Blogging Resolutions