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Today I'd like to share with you a new nail art tuorial and my experience with the Mylee PRO Elite 12W LED Lamp from JustBeauty.co.uk. I've been testing this new lamp for the past few weeks and I'm finally ready to tell you what I think.


About: "The revolutionary light cures gel polish in just 30 seconds using an intelligent memory timer and equal light distribution, so there is no need to keep on adjusting. In fact Mylee Pro Elite does all the hard work for you, the touch sensor cleverly turn the lamp on when your hand is in place so it's ready to go when you are.


Mylee’s compact, lightweight design means that the lamp is ultra-portable and comes complete with grooves for precise, comfortable finger placement."


Nail Art Tutorial + Mylee PRO Elite LED Lamp Review
Nail Art Tutorial + Mylee PRO Elite LED Lamp Review


My very first thoughts when I opened the box with the lamp in it was how tiny it is! This lamp is very small and lightweight compared to my Nsi UV lamp that is 3x the size. I like that it makes it great for travelling either for long holiday or if you are a mobile nail technician.


The lamp cam in two boxes - first one was the outer packaging for shipping and then the box with lamp itself. The box is branded with a picture of the lamp and a brief description of it and of the main features; some of them are:

  • 30 second curing cycle
  • touch sensor
  • equal light distribution
  • 2 year warranty
  • 50,000 hour life span
  • 4 + 1 – comfortably fits 4 fingers in the precise grooves


This lamp has a discreet logo at the back and no button or additional settings. I just plugged it into the power outlet and that's it. It operates on touch sensor so once I put my hand in it automatically started a pre-set 30 second cycle. If hand is removed before the 30 seconds are finished, the lamp switches itself off. At first, I wasn't sure I like this feature because I like to move and turn my hand in the lamp to get to cure every spot on my nails (this is not necessary to do) and I accidentally switched the lamp off because I lifted my hand too much. But after few uses I've gotten used to it and now it's very convenient that I don't have to press any button to turn the lamp on or off.


As mentioned above, the lamp is very compact and it can fit up to 4 nails at a time. Some professionals already do 4 nails at a time and then do the thumbs last because the product on thumbs can flood the skin if the whole hand is done at once. This is definitely a case of preference.


Nail Art Tutorial + Mylee PRO Elite LED Lamp Review
Nail Art Tutorial + Mylee PRO Elite LED Lamp Review


I've tested the lamp on different brands of gel polish including Color Club, Gelish and IBD and all seemed to be cured well. I've also tested it with Color Club gel polish on myself and it also worked well without any problems.


Overall, I'm happy to recommend this little lamp. It worked well for me, it's very compact and lightweight and simple to operate.


Mylee PRO Elite 12W LED Lamp is priced at £29.99 - making it very affordable especially for home users. PLUS I have an exclusive discount code for you to use! Use code JustLucy20 for 20% off!


Nail Art Tutorial + Mylee PRO Elite LED Lamp Review



And now I have for you new gel polish tutorial that I've prepared using this Mylee LED lamp and IBD gel polishes from JustBeauty.co.uk. I've called it Crack into a Rainbow Universe :)






What do you think of the nail art design and the cute little Mylee lamp? Would you consider it for yourself to use at home? Let me know in the comments ;)


Have a lovely day! Lucie

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Hello lovelies,


I've decided to join another nail art challenge - ABC Challenge!


ABC Challenge: A is for Abstract | Nail Art Challenge



What is the ABC Challenge?
"The ABC Challenge is a nail art challenge inspired by the letters of the alphabet. The goal is to complete all of the 26 letters. But don't let that deter you if you can't participate each week, or if you want to join in late. Post your manicures that correspond with the schedule on your social media with the hashtag #nailpolishsocietyabc. If you have a blog you can upload the Inlinkz to you post and add you link."


You can read everything about it in this post from Emily from Nail Polish Society, who is hosting it :)


My A is for Abstract. I've chosen abstract as a representation of the letter A for this week. Today's nails are inspired by a picture of a painting that I saw on Pinterest. I tried to find out the original author but I was not successful. If you know the artist, let me know!


ABC Challenge: A is for Abstract | Nail Art Challenge
ABC Challenge: A is for Abstract | Nail Art Challenge


I've started with a base coat and two coats of Color Club French Tip. Then I wanted to imitate the rough textured gradient we can see in the picture so I sponged on the nail polishes. The first colour I've used was Models Own Everyday Grey, followed by Models Own Sarong Wrap, Zoya Thandie, Models Own Red Lustre, Models Own Brunette Red and Purple Bandana. Then I've added little bit more white over the grey to give it some depth. Next step was the spiral. I've use black acrylic paint and thin nail art brush.



Lots of polishes, right? But I think the result was worth it. I really like the painting and also how my nails turned out :) What do you think?


ABC Challenge: A is for Abstract | Nail Art Challenge
ABC Challenge: A is for Abstract | Nail Art Challenge


Don't forget to check out what other participants did - links below or search #nailpolishsocietyabc on social media!