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Did you know that this month will see a start of the second Nail Art Fashion Week 2016? Well, I'm one of the co-hosts together with the 'leading lady' Maria from So Nailicious and co-hosts Victoria from Manicurator, Emily from Very Emily, Anja from Lieve91 and WE WANT YOU to join the challenge with us!



NAFW 2016 Hosts

Hosting this year is of course Maria from So Nailicious who is the brains behind this operation. A huge thank you to her for organising this event and for inviting us to be a part of it! Also hosting are Victoria from Manicurator, Emily from Very Emily, Anja from Lieve91, and of course, me!


Our job is to get YOU excited to join us with this challenge, and of course we will be participating and sharing our looks as well. Every day each of us will feature a participant on our Instagram pages! So here’s your chance for your work to get featured by @So_Nailicious, @Manicurator, @LucysStash, @Lieve91 or @VeryEmily.



How You Can Join

Simply create nail art that follows the schedule below and share it with us by posting it on your blogs or Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook with the tag #NAFW2016. It’s our official hashtag and we’ll be checking it every day. If you need some inspiration help you can check out some resources including Vogue and Women’s Wear Daily.



The NAFW Fall 2016 Schedule:

  • April 11 – Favorite fashion designer: create nail art inspired by your favorite designer. It can be your favourite local fashion designer or an established fashion house.
  • April 12 – Shoes: create nail art inspired by shoes. It can be any shoes you like, wear or covet. Preferably from the Fall 2016 collections.
  • April 13 – Bag: create nail art inspired by a bag. It can be any bag that you like, but again preferably from any of the Fall 2016 collections.
  • April 14 – Fashion Trend: create nail art inspired by your favorite Fall 2016 fashion trend, i.e. florals, colour blocking, plaids,..
  • April 15 – Fashion Blogger / Style icon: create a design inspired by your favorite fashion icon, i.e. by her/his outfit, her favorite colours or maybe nail art that they wore. It can be an actress, blogger, model or your neighbor – anyone you consider a style icon.
  • April 16 – Fall 2016 Dress: create a manicure inspired by your favourite garment from the current Fall 2016 fashion week.
  • April 17 – Fall 2016 runway nail art: create a nail design inspired by any Fall 2016 beauty look, nail art or make-up


So what you’re waiting for? Pin or save the NAFW 2016 schedule below and start gathering your nail art inspiration! Feel free to share the schedule, i.e. repost, upload to your blog, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


You’re Invited to Nail Art Fashion Week 2016!


Add this button to your blog’s sidebar and link it to your blog post announcing that you’re going to Nail Art Fashion Week or simply link it back to this post. Will you be joining us? We can’t wait to see what everyone is going to create!


Big thanks to Emily and Maria who put together this whole description for the challenge :)


Lucie x

Hello lovelies,

Today's post has two parts: in the first part I'll show you the Bundle Monster Festival box and stamping plates set and in the other half I'll do a nail art manicure with the set and it's also my Pastel Geometric manicure for a nail art challenge.

Bundle Monster has released their first themed collection called Festival which includes new stamping plates, California Dreaming Gel polish, festival water decals, natural stones, and holographic nail stickers!

Bundle Monster says: "Festival came together based on the trending movement of living young, wild and free! A little bit of 1970's Woodstock mixed in with our music culture of today. Everyone loves to go to a good festival where you can let your hair down and dance to the beat of your own drum. That's what our Festival collection is all about!"

Paint All The Nails Presents Pastel Geometric Nail Art + Bundle Monster Festival Box Review
Paint All The Nails Presents Pastel Geometric Nail Art + Bundle Monster Festival Box Review


As you can see, there are so many gorgeous new products in this collection! All of them seem to be sold separately so you can pick and choose which ones you want.


The first item is the California Dreaming Gel polish set. It consists of 6 creme gel polishes in summer shades. I will be doing review and some cool nail art with this collection later in a separate post.


Next, there is a set of water transfer decals with different sets of images ranging from palm trees and leaves, star signs and constellations to chevron stripes and more! These are thin and easy to use so I'll definitely be showing you some nail art manicures with them later as well.


Then there is a pot full of Natural Semi Precious Pebble Stones. These are different colours, shapes and sizes and I would probably use this with gels or gel polishes rather than with nail polish. I can see amethyst, coral, turquoise and other types of stones.


Another new release are Holographic Nail Art Stickers, I have the Cosmic Array set. These can be cut into any shape and adhered to the nail/nail polish and then sealed with top coat. They look very beautiful but I find them to be little bit thicker than I'd like. That's because my nails are very curved and stickers either crease or lift off at the edges.


But my absolute favourite from this box is the new set of Festival stamping plates! The images are so versatile and fun and there are several themes like geometric, hippie, festival, star constellations, hipster animals etc. Here are all the plates photographed for you:


Paint All The Nails Presents Pastel Geometric Nail Art + Bundle Monster Festival Box Review


They are so beautiful - am I right or am I right? :D They all seem to be etched properly and I haven't spotted any mistakes. So far I have tested 4 out of the 10 plates and haven't had any problems with the images. I've also seen countless of awesome manicures with these plates from bloggers like Very Emily and Glitterfingersss and you should definitely check them out!


The plates come with the regular protective backing and blue foil (don't forget to remove it!). There is 10 of them in the set and they can be purchased for $14.99 or separately for $2.49 at Bundle Monster website or on Amazon.


And now, let's have a look at the second part of this post - the nail art challenge manicure. I am part of a group called Paint All The Nails and besides chatting about nails we also do a monthly nail art challenge. This month's theme is Pastel Geometric and I've decided to use the Bundle Monster Festival plates to create this manicure.


Paint All The Nails Presents Pastel Geometric Nail Art + Bundle Monster Festival Box Review
Paint All The Nails Presents Pastel Geometric Nail Art + Bundle Monster Festival Box Review
Paint All The Nails Presents Pastel Geometric Nail Art + Bundle Monster Festival Box Review
Paint All The Nails Presents Pastel Geometric Nail Art + Bundle Monster Festival Box Review


For this look I have used two techniques - stamping decals and kind of an acetone wash with stamping. First I've created stamping decals with a geometric design from BM-S307 plate and applied them to naked nail, creating a negative space around the decal. I've used Zoya Cole, Dot, Lillian and Blu, all light and pastel colours.


I've painted the remaining nails with one coat of white nail polish (Color Club French Tip). Then I've mixed little bit of nail polish in one of the four pastel colours with acetone and painted the mixture over the white polish. This helped me get a watercolour look and overlap the pastel shades. Finally, I've stamped over the watercolour look with white geometric stamping from Bundle Monster BM-S303 plate.


I really like the soft look of the watercolour nails and the contrasting boldness of the geometric stamping decals. I think that despite decals being a lot of work they are totally worth it :)


Paint All The Nails Presents Pastel Geometric Nail Art + Bundle Monster Festival Box Review
Don't forget to check out other fabulous nail bloggers participating in this challenge and what design they came up with! Have a lovely day! Lucie x



*Post contains PR samples