Hello lovelies,

So something absolutely amazing happened to me - I have been short listed in Cosmopolitan Blog Awards! This is absolutely huge for me and I can't tell you how much this means to me. Moreover, there are three other amazing British blogs short listed (Nailasaurus, One Nail To Rule Them All and Brit Nails). Seems like nail art is getting more and more popular and recognised which is great! Let's make nail art blog a winner this year!

I want to thank you all for nominating me, I feel humbled but also proud of what I've achieved in the past years and it is all thanks to YOU! You make me want to keep going, you make want to try new techniques, new nail art and develop new designs! Thank you everyone for all the support in the past three years and all I can say is...if you like my art then please support me in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards and give me your vote! I am in the Best Established beauty Blogger category on the very first page.

I've put together some collages to remind you of some of my favourite nail art I've done (and I also don't like to do posts without nail pictures ;)

Thank you so much! xoxo