Hello lovelies, 

It has been quite a while since I shared with you the products I use to keep my nails in shape and healthy so here's a new update with some new products you might not have seen before. 

I take my nail care very seriously because it has proven it has a real impact on my nails. When I stop caring for my nails, don't apply nail oil several times a day and don't use hand creams, my nails feel dry, brittle and they break easily. It really pays off for me to spend few minutes a day caring for my nails - what about you?

From Lucy's Stash: Nail & Hand Care Products I Currently Use In My Everyday Routine


Let's have a look at the products that I currently use on regular basis:

1. Yardley London English Freesia Hand Cream* - This is the hand cream I currently use most of the time and it's part of the new Yardley Spring release. It has a fresh freesia flower scent with hints of citrus. It soaks into the skin fast which I really appreciate. I don't like to use greasy or sticky hand creams during the day and that's why I love this hand cream. It leaves my hands lovely smooth and nourished. It contains "freesia extract combined with shea butter, peach kernel oil, antioxidant vitamin E and chia seed oil" - all that and 100ml of cream for under £4.50.  Also, it's a British brand so let's support British businesses, right?


2. All That Jazz Cuticle Oil - I've been using various All That Jazz manicure range products for the past years and I've always been very happy with all of them. They are marketed for both consumers and salon professionals which tells me that if they are good enough for professional use, then they're definitely good enough for regular consumers at home. Their cuticle oil in the Captivate scent (musk and coconut oil blend) is one of their products I use the most. I still have the original vintage-style packaging. They've recently changed into more modern black packaging just so you know. Just a bit of the oil goes a long way and it leaves my nails nourished and flexible again. It contains "fractionate coconut oil, vitamins A, C and D and carotenoids".


3. Mont Bleu Crystal Nail File - These Czech crystal files have been my staple for years and I'm not giving them up anytime soon! If you're still using cheap disposable nail files/emery boards, STOP! Stop and try a good quality crystal nail file and you'll see the difference. My natural nails love crystal nail files! It keeps the edge smooth and sealed and it helps in preventing splitting and breaking. 


4. SpaRitual Cuti-Clean Cuticle Remover - I keep coming back to SpaRitual Cuti-Clean as my favourite cuticle remover because it just works so well and fast! It has a little glass dropper that helps with putting the product exactly where I need it. As soon as I finish putting it on my last nail, I can start working on the first one. It makes the cuticle removing process very fast and easy. Sometimes my nails start to get a yellow staining after painting my nails with dark colours so I really appreciate the stain removing properties. What's your favourite cuticle remover?


5. Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab* - This is a surprise product because I never thought I would like it as I'm a big fan of nail oils. Moisture Rehab is and overnight serum but truth to be told, I use it at any time of the day. It has gel-like consistency that soaks into skin and nails fast when massaged in. For especially effective overnight treatment I massage the Moisture Rehab into my nails and then apply cuticle oil over it. My nails and cuticles are in top form in the morning! It contains a "blend of natural actives including black orchid, acai and algae to deliver deep moisture and nutrient rich actives". Sounds good to me!


6. The Little Book of Nail Art by So Nailicious* - This little book is not a nail or hand care product as you've probably guessed but it is my go-to product for sketching and planning nail designs. This pink design has template for round nails but almond and square nail templates are also available. I often get nail art ideas just before I fall asleep so I keep one of these on my night stand. We all know that those ideas are gone and forgotten in the morning unless we write them down! And lastly, this book is an idea and product from a fellow blogger Maria aka So Nailicious so even if you don't plan on buying yourself this Little Book of Nail Art, at least check out Maria's blog, she's an amazing nail artist!


I hope I gave you little insight into my favourites and also inspired you to try something new. What are your current fave products?


Have a lovely day! Lucie x


*Post contains products previously sent for consideration, my honest opinion was given regardless. 

Hello lovelies,


You've probably been wondering why I haven't been posting. Well, life has gotten crazy busy and overwhelming towards the end of last year and I needed a break from blogging and all the pressure that comes with it. This was the first blogging break in 7 years ad it was much needed. Do you ever feel so overwhelmed you just want to stop blogging? Well that's how I was feeling. Some would call it blogger burnout but the good news is, I'm back! I'll be posting as often as I can but I'll take it easy now, I'm sure you'll understand. I won't be reviewing new collections as I'd rather focus on nail art and beautiful polishes. There are plenty of talented swatchers out there you can see new collections on ;)


You know what I just realised? I've missed my 7th Bloggiversary! It was at the beginning of February and I missed it! Oh well, maybe next year! ;)


Today I finally want to share with you nail art that I wore to the Olympia Beauty Show 2016 in London last October. I wanted something intricate, abstract and kind of unique. I wasn't totally crazy about the result but it was still wearable so I kept it on. Let's check out those nails...


I'M BACK!...along with Abstract Handpainted Nail Art
I'M BACK!...along with Abstract Handpainted Nail Art
I'M BACK!...along with Abstract Handpainted Nail Art


It's very unlikely that any of you will ever re-create this monstrosity on your nails but just in case, I'll tell you roughly how I did these ;)


I painted my nails with a coat of pastel beige polish so that other colours would stand out. Then I've used small pieces of makeup sponge to add splashes of colour. I opted for mint green and pastel purple to create watercolour-ish background. For that I've sponged on one of the colours randomly and then went in with a small brush and bit of acetone. Once the subtle watercolour-style background was finished, I've added moss green and white dots using dotting tool. Then I've painted the brown rectangular shapes with a thin brush from the Winstonia Berry Wine set.

After that it still looked very plain so I've painted on some black and white line work. For that I've used another brush from the Winstonia Berry Wine set (the brushes are super  thin) and acrylic paint. Lastly, I've sealed the whole design with a coat of Seche Vite topcoat. All polishes I've used were from Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure.


I hope you enjoyed this kinda crazy abstract look and let me know what's new with you! What collections are your favourite right now?


Have a lovely day! Lucie x