Hello lovelies!

Hope you're having a lovely sunny day. It's not that often we have lovely hot and sunny day here in England so later on I'm off sunbathing at the beach!

For today's Summer Challenge I've chosen China Glaze Sunshine Pop because what is more summery colour than bright yellow?

Sunshine Pop - proper yellow colour with subtle shimmer. It applied nicely and I'm wearing two coats. However I feel like three coats would be better, I could still see my nail line a bit. The polish dried a bit slower. This shade comes from  Electro Pop collection for Spring 2012.

Hello lovelies!

It's another day of Summer Challenge and the theme is Orange - freestyle day! So with what freestyle orange idea I came up with? 

Well I started of with a one coat of China Glaze Orange You Hot?. When the first coat dried I took a makeup sponge and used OPI Roll In The Hague and Orange You Hot? to create a gradient colour. When I was happy with the result I started to paint this abstract shape using A England Camelot. Then I sealed the whole manicure with topcoat. Voila!

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