Hi girls,

I've recently discovered concept of co-bying thanks to Maxine. So what is co-buying?

"Co-buying is a new form of shopping which brings shoppers together into a single transaction, so that you can benefit from the sort of discounts which have until now only been available to retailers buying in bulk.
A co-buy is the mechanism we use to group buyers together in order to drive the price down. Each co-buy features a limited number of a particular product and is open for only a few hours. The co-buy closes after all the products sell out, or after the time runs out - whichever comes first. As more people join the co-buy the price comes down."

I really like this concept because you can get items like Urban Decay, Chanel, OPI for discounted price and more people buy, the bigger saving everyone gets! When you purchase something in the beginning at let's say £20 and the best price (when other 40 people purchase) e.g. £15 is achieved 10hr later, you'll pay only those £15, not £20! And there's only £1 P&P; charge!

You can go over to www.buyapowa.com to view current co-buys, check the FAQ for more info and suggest what products you would like to see next.

One more important thing to say-if you refer a friend who mentions you when purchasing, you'll get a 'point'. If you refer the most friends at that one buy, you'll get product for free! How awesome is that?
If you'll be purchasing at www.buyapowa.com  and you will have no friend to refer to, it would be really great if you would say I referred you (Lucie Hanuskova). But I think I have to be one of the buyers too.

Hope you'll have lots of happy happy purchases x

Hello girls,

today I have here review of my last A England polish - Tristam. I usually don't wear blue polishes but Tristam is holographic! I love everything hologhraphic so it was must-have for me! I have my eye on some other A England shades like Perceval, Elaine and Camelot....oh and Lancelot is one not to miss! Really dark vampy red that is almost black! But back to the Tristam.

Tristam -denim blue packed with fine hologhraphic particles. A England describes Tristam as 'night blue sky with starlight glimmer and glow'.I've used one coat of OPI base coat just in case (blue polishes very often colour nails together with red and green ones). Formula of the polish was just fabulous! Great pigmentation and smooth and shiny finish. I've applied two coats for a full coverage. Removal was without problems despite the tons of holo particles.

Overall I'm very pleased with Tristam and it's formula and would definitely recommend it! I had some bad experiences with applying holo polishes but not with this one!

Direct sunlight

Natural daylight (shade)

*This product has been sent to me for a review