China Glaze prepared another exciting collection and it's called Hunger Games.
This collection of 12 new nail polish shades is inspired exclusively by one distinct setting in The Hunger Games - the Capitol of the nation of Panem.  Awash in lavish fashion, food, and entertainment, Capitol citizens enjoy extreme cosmetics and body modifications, bold wigs, and outlandish costumes.

The shades are:

Primrose - inspired by Prim
Rebel - inspired by Gale
Catnip - inspired by Katniss
Coal Hearted – inspired by District 12
Joined at the Seam – inspired by The Seam
Fight to the Finish – inspired by the night sky the Tributes look into
We Could Runaway – inspired by forest Katniss & Gale hunt in
Baker’s Son - inspired by Peeta
Cinna-mon – inspired by Cinna’s gold eyeliner
Fire in Flight - inspired by the Flaming Mockingjay
Heat of the Moment –  inspired by the costumes Katniss & Peeta wear into the Arena
Flaming Gems – inspired by Katniss’ interview dress

Hi girls!

today I have here real eye candy for you! My first A England polish I've ever tried - Lady Of The Lake!

If you haven't heard about A England brand before it's a real shame, the polishes are just great! A England is a creation of Adina Bodana. The A England launch was just on the 8th January 2011 so it's a very young nail polish brand, it is 3 free and salon quality formula, not tested on animals. The current collection is not extensive but there should be more shades in the future. But I can tell you now that there are some awesome polishes there! Oh and there is free worldwide delivery!!!

Lady Of The Lake - cool-toned hologhraphic purple. The holographic particles are tiny and the rainbow effect is not over the top and that makes this shade useable for a daily wearing. I have many holographs with strong holo effect so it's nice to have something subtle as well.

The formula is really great! The pigmentation is good so I applied the first thicker coat and was really hesitant if I need to apply the second coat. I did so there are two coats in the pictures :) Polish dried quite fast and was easy to apply. I wore this polish for 4 days and experienced really minor chipping, basically just the edges of the nails. So another point for the long lasting formula. Removal was easy as well, no annoying holo particles on my cuticles.

Overall this is definitely must have polish if you like purples!

Direct sunlight

Daylight (shade)

Artificial light

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This is my entry, GlossyBox inspired manicure