Hello lovelies :)

I've recently purchased four eyeshadows from The BodyNeeds Blackened collection and since they are so beautiful I've decided to share this joy :) Each pot costs $1.99 and it's 5 gram jar. Available is also 10g jar.

I got Blackened Teal, Blackened Violet, Blackened Emerald and Blackened Bronze. The eyeshadow is very fine and the pigmentation is good. I would recommend to apply it over dark grey or black base as it will intensify the colour. I wore combination of Blackened Teal, Violet and Emerald on New Year's Eve over dark grey Benefit creme eyeshadows in Strut. They didn't crease whole night and looked very good. The only downsize is (as with most colours of this type) that if you blend it too much you can lose some of the coloured particles.

You should definitely check out Jangsara's swatches, she did awesome ones on her eyes and since I wouldn't do better, I will just recommend hers :)

Hi girls,

today I have here the only one OPI from Holland Collection I own right now. But I must moan a little bit first :D One of my nails is still really short so I cannot do swatches :( it's taking ages to grow back (I broke it a week before Christmas) I swatched this OPI on my right hand and MY RIGHT HAND SUCKS! The pictures are not as half good as if I do swatches on my left hand :(  Enough moaning!

Red Lights Ahead...Where? - bright neon coral creme. The colour is something between red and orange neon colour, a bit coral I'd say. The formula is awesome! You could do with just one coat but I've applied two to cover few ridges in my nails. It dries fast and it applied like a dream! It was quite hard to photograph it as neon colours don't agree with most cameras :-/ I've done my best and I think the colour is I think 95% accurate, only little bit more bright neon.I might get few more Holland polishes like Vampsterdam :)

*This polish has been provided to me for a review. I've expressed my honest opinion.