Hello lovelies :)

I am veeery late with this year's Haloween polishes, aren't I? I still haven't shown you China Glaze Haunting and Crimson. At least today's post is about Haunting polish :)

Haunting - ash black with silver square glitter. Great dark polish with very nice formula - I needed only two coats for full coverage and it applied easily. However there is one problem with this colour - it dries a bit gritty so make sure you use thicker topcoat. I've used Models Own topcoat which made the surface nicely smoothbut unfortunately added a little bit of this UV blue-ish shade :-/ Very dissapointing topcoat.

Hi girls!

A little bit of very simple stamping today? when I was reviewing the OPI DS Magic polish here, I didn't leave it alone...no...I stamped little cute stars on it :) I've used two coats of Magic and then stamped it with China Glaze Millennium.

Artificial light