I like layering whether it is shimmers, glitters, flakies or anything else. Whenever I swatch a polish I always do second set of pictures after applying some layering polish or doing nail art on it. This is one of the cases. I've swatched Dr.'s remedy DEFENSE Deep Red polish and then added one layer of CND Crimson Sparkle.

I like the duochrome and sparkle effect of Crimson Sparkle, it creates unique look every time.

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Hi girls!

It looks like magnetic polishes will be the next big nail polish trend...well they are already pretty big. China Glaze is coming out with their magnetic collection, Nails Inc., Superdrug and Boots' brand 17 are already in stores.

I couldn't stay behind so I went to Boots and bought 17 Magnetic polishes in Green and Purple shades. Why this brand? It is pretty easy - Nails Inc. costs £11, Fashionista polishes cost £6 plus £3 for the magnet and most of the colours are identical to 17 brand. 17 polishes cost £5.99 and each come with own magnet.

Green - cool-toned forest green. This polish is very pigmented (as it has to be) so I've applied one coat and put the magnet above the nail straight away. I wore this for three days and experienced only very light tipwear which pleasantly surprised me. As you can see the pattern is not same on each nail, I'm still lame with magnetic polishes :D

I have couple of tips I've observed - don't do too thick coats because when you'll put magnet too close the amount of magnetic particles with lift up towards the magnet and creat a bump. Also try to put the magnet always on the same place and same height to get the same pattern.

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