Hello lovelies :)

How's the Chrismas shopping going? Today I'll show you last Muppet polish from the colour part (not the glitter one) - Pepe's Purple Passion. Then I'll start with the glitter part which is also awesome!

Pepe's Purple Passion - dark raisin/burgundy purple with glass flecks. The glass fleck seem to be gold and purple in the bottle but I couldn't actually spot them on the nail, they got coloured. The application was difficultt because the polish is quite thick and gooey and the glass fleck stick together, I had application problems especially on the sides of the nails as I couldn't paint a straight line :-/ Definitely worst formula of all Muppets but bear in mind all others have great formula. Pigmentation is good, I've applied 2 coats for a full coverage. I applied topcoat because the finish was a bit gritty from the larger glass flecks.

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Hi girls :)

I'm continuing with reviewing OPI Muppets polishes and I've got swatched almost all glitters now! But today Animal-istic!

Animal-istic -reddish orange duochrome changing into rosy pink. Duochrome is not very strong but it is there and you can spot it in some pictures. I firstly thought that it is a shimmer but when I looked closer I saw fine glass flecks in it. The flecks are much finer than in Meep Meep Meep. The pigmentation is very good, I've applied two coats for a full coverage but even in one coat the colour was good-ish. Also polish dried fast even without topcoat.