Hello lovelies,


I'm back home form holiday and wedding (yes, I'm working on more wedding posts ;) but I'm still pretty busy so I'll show you another talented blogger and her nails. This time it's a cool Portugese blogger Mina aka Cubbiful.



I am so excited to be writing as a guest for Lucie. I have been a follower way before I even thought of blogging myself, so you can imagine how insane it feels to be a guest here. Thank you, darling and kissies to you for the invite :)


I totally forgot to introduce myself, so here goes: my name is Mina and you can find me showing off my nail art at Cubbiful.


I've prepared something simple and cute for you today, which I hope you'll enjoy:

Guest Post: Cubbiful at Lucy's Stash!



Skittle and Skittlete manis are some of my favourite - they combine different elements and they're good for those days when you can't decide on just one design to have on your nails.


This was the case - I wanted to do so much, I ended up combining it all into this.

Guest Post: Cubbiful at Lucy's Stash!



I started by applying the same background to all my nails. This beautiful deep blue shade is Wycon No.701.


To those of you familiar to the Italian brand Kiko, this is sort of a cousin brand to that one.

They also don't test on animals and they offer both nail polish and makeup products of high quality at a medium price range.

Guest Post: Cubbiful at Lucy's Stash!



As for the nail art, I went with some colourful glitter placement on both my index and pinkie, using different size and shape sequins. On my ring finger I applied a floral waterdecal and my middle finger got a row of gold studs in the middle.


I hope this was one you enjoyed seeing - if you want to see more nail art looks make sure you stop by Cubbiful, or follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

It'll be lovely to see you all there. One final thank you note to Lucie - hope you're having a blast, dear! - it's been a real pleasure.



WOW, what a vibrant and colourful manicure! Thank you Mina for preparing this post for us and it was a pleasure for me too to have you here. Don't forget to visit and follow Mina's blog Cubbiful for a lot more nail art ;)


Have a lovely day everyone! Lucie x

Hello lovelies,


Please welcome Narmai aka PiggieLuv, an amazing nail artist! I have been admiring her work since she started blogging and I'm sure many of you have seen her work at some point. She specializes in hand painted designs and as I call it 'out of the box 3D' nails. For today she has prepared a beautiful beach landscape and tutorial!



Hey ladies! I can't tell you how excited I am to be here, to be asked to guest post for Lucy's Stash! I've been a fan of her nails for forEVER so this is like a dream come true :) I chose to paint a dreamy beach landscape, it's the perfect romantic getaway for a honeymoon!


I like freehanding landscapes, it's such a relaxing thing for me. I use acrylic craft paints to paint, they are easier to work with than nail polish. They are easier to mix, to dilute, and they're much thinner than polish so it's easier to paint tiny details with them. Plus of course my Roubloff 00 detail brush, can't forget that one!


Guest Post: Narmai PiggieLuv at Lucy's Stash!
Guest Post: Narmai PiggieLuv at Lucy's Stash!
Guest Post: Narmai PiggieLuv at Lucy's Stash!



Now if I could only.... jump into my nails.... Wouldn't you love to take a vacation right there in that spot?




A big thanks to Lucie for having me, I hope you're having fun!!!!



WOW! How awesome is this nail art? Narmai is super talented and I am so honoured to have her here! You simply MUST follow her! You can do so at:


Blog: http://www.piggieluv.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/madecbyme

Instagram: https://instagram.com/narmai

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/piggieluvblog


Have a lovely day! Lucie x