Hi girls,

listen to this: the first Nail Polish Adoption Agency is up and running! How cool is that? You can browse the nail polishes or even nail polish families(!) that need your love and care and then adopt them for free. You just have to write a comment how you can give the nail polish you chose a good home. And if you will be chosen as the best home you'll get to adopt the polish.

I really like the idea and I hope it will be soon available at least for Europe as well :) If you think you can give a nice and loving home to some lonely nail polish, go over to www.adoptapolish.org and choose your favourite :)

If the cause would be open internationally, I would try to adopt this little beauty - Crush On You

Press release:

U.S. and Canadian applicants.

Every day, thousands of nail polishes are abandoned or abused. They are not sticky or old, they
are fine new polishes, stuck on a shelf because they are forgotten or out of season. All they
desire is to be used, and maybe taken for a night on the town in return.

“We have so many polishes who need a good family to take them in” said AdoptAPolish.org
executive director Nikki Smith. “All it takes is filling out an application form describing how you
can provide a better life for one of our in need nail polishes. We select the best application and
take care of all the expenses, delivering your newly adopted polish directly to your door.”

One current nail polish, Charleston, held back tears well describing his life, “I spent two years of
my life stacked in a dark room crammed together with thousands of others just like me,
hundreds pressing down on my shoulders at any given time. I’m a shimmer and I have never
seen sunlight in my life. Oh and don’t get me started on CND Shellac, I just can’t keep going as
long, why would any women want me” he continued.

Please don’t let the agony go on any longer than it has to. The first round of adoptions closes
December 31st. Apply to Adopt a Polish at http://www.adoptapolish.org/category/current-

About Adopt a Polish

Adoptapolish.org is a not-for-profit organization funded by the people at Nail Polish Canada. We
are grateful they’ve spent the time and money to set us up, but we know they only did it to look
like charitable people. They are jerks! All they care about is selling you things. This entire
organization was set-up by them to manipulate you.

Don’t worry about us being influenced by them, we cash their cheque, move on with our lives,
and get back to saving lives. We would never compromise out ethics by telling you to shop now
at http://www.NailPolishCanada.com and take advantage of free shipping over $29.

Contact Info
Sam MacKay
Communications Manager - Adopt A Polish

Hi girls,

I just did a quick stamping over A England Excalibur. Firstly I wanted to do a proper zebra print but ten I saw this cute zebra-ish/tribal pattern so I went for it. Stamping is not perfect but I still like it :)

I've used two coats of A England Excalibur, Color Club Black and Bundle Monster plate #221.