And the third part of Models Own swatches is here! So here we go:

Peacock Green - shimmery greenish-blue, really teal, peacocky colour. It was opaque in three coats, which is a little shame but the colour is kinda worth it if you like teal shimmers :) It was also streaky a little bit. I'll do comparison with Illamasqua Viridian soon :)

Gun Grey - a charcoal grey with silver shimmer. Interesting version of is opaque in two coats, easy to apply but streaky. Nice for fall/winter season :)

Lili's Pink - light baby pink with fine silver glitter. It is cool toned pink and I wasn't feeling very well in it. But if the cool tones suit you and you like pink, go for it! Polish was opaque in two coats, applied nice and smoothly and didn't streak. It somehow looks a little bit like foil colour but not entirely. Have a look on the pics and see yourself...oh and don't wonder about the weird bottle, I had to put nail polish to the different one :)

Disco Mix - Disco Mix is a blue and purple glitter in clear base. I have three coats and you can see how opaque the glitter is. I compared Disco Mix with LA Girl Rockstar Overdose. They are really similar except Overdose has additionally micro silver glitter. Three coats as well.

Aaaaand another Models Own swatch (yes, I have lots of them, I know!) This it is my favourite colour - Turkish Delight. It is a beautiful dark purple/raspberry creme colour, quite difficult to describe. The formula is great, smooth and opaque, one of the best I've tried. I have two coats in the pictures. Polish lasted in a great condition four days, then I painted tips with Models Own Purple Passion to make it more interesting. I wore it six days in total and loved it!