Hello lovelies :) I was quite excited to swatch OPI DS Bold but I had to wait sooo long till my nail will grow back. But now, here it is:

OPI DS Bold - silver glitter in a pink jelly base. This polish is very different from other Designer Series shades. Other ones are hologhraphic with tiny particles but Bold os a glitter nail polish. I was a bit surprised about that...why? Designes Series polishes are amazing, holographic and some of them even unique! Well I will then judge Bold as a glitter nail polish. it has been introduced just very recently together with the second new shade - Temptation.

Bold applies very easily, it has loads of glitter so you don't have to worry about applying five coats...well you'll need to apply three...or two very generous ones. I have three coats in the pictures and one layer of topcoat. It dried reasonably fast and was really chip resistant. It's glitter so removal will be a bit difficult. But just soak the cotton bud with nail polish remover, hold it on the nail for 5-10 minutes and it will be easy to remove.

I already own somehow similar nail polish - Zoya Astra. I've compared both. They differ in colour and also I've used only two coats of Zoya. Zoya is applied without topcoat, OPI has one layer of topcoat (yeah, sorry about that, I was truly lazy).

*Product in this post was provided for a review

Hi everybody,

the craze about beauty boxes continue and now I can show you a new brand Carmine. Carmine Beauty Box service went live last week and I've subscribedfew days after launch. Today postmen brought me me a bright orange and red box with carmine logo! Yay! That was fast... After opening the orange box I found elegant black box inside. I had a little trouble to open it because you have to lift the whole lid like with GlossyBox except with Carmine box it's bigger.

If you would like to subscribe to Carmine box, please use this referral link: http://www.carmine.co.uk/0dcO3  It will get me some points towards free box

Right now Carmine has only 5 listed brands but I hope this number will rise in the future.The first carmine box includes 5 items from 5 different brands. so what I got in my box?

Trind Nail Repair Natural
Daniel Sandler Eye Delight in Peach
Balance me Super Moisturising Hand Cream
TheBalm FratBoy – All-in-one shadow/blush
Caudalie Quenching Sorbet-Creme

I like the box and the items but they are not the right shades/types for me so I'll try to swap most of them for better suiting stuff. However I'm very curious about the Trind nail product.

I think I'll stay subscribed for another month and if I'll have items I will need to swap, I might unsubscribe. maybe if there would be more brands, that would keep me interested. What do you think of Carmine box?