Hello lovelies!
Today I'll compare all four Xen-Tan products I've reviewed earlier HERE and HERE. I know how hard it is to choose the right product based only on the product description so that's why I am very grateful that I had a chance to try and review four of the Xen-Tan products.

Transform Luxe-cream, ideal for light and gradual tanning and light complexions
Instant Mousse-my favourite product! It is the only product that is not a cream. It's a light foam with lots of air bubbles in it. dries few minutes after application so you don't have to worry about stains
Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe-cream, for dark complexions.
Dark Lotion-very dark brown cream, great for dark complexions. Let it dry out completely so you don;t colour your clothes!

The four products I've tried varied from light gradual tan to the dark tan.

Transform Luxe-one application will give you about two shades darker tan but no more. You can easily regulate the colour and you can get darker by applying more times. The tan was visible on me for about 5 days but it was fading fast
Instant Mousse-Darker tan than Transform Luxe after one application. You can apply second time for even darker tan. The colour lasted on me upt to 7 days and then faded slowly
Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe-the second darkest of the lotions. It lasted on me for about a week.
Dark Lotion-this product will give you the darket tan of all four products. See the colour difference in the pictures. I had nice colour for about 9 days

Leading colour
Transform Luxe-no leading colour
Instant Mousse-light brown with green undertones
Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe-light greenish brown colour
Dark Lotion-dark brown

Transform Luxe-very strong, rich vanilla scent
Instant Mousse-vanilla scent
Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe-very light vanilla scent
Dark Lotion-marzipan scent

Transform Luxe-white cream colour
Instant Mousse-light brown with olive undertones
Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe-greenish brown colour
Dark Lotion-very dark brown

Transform Luxe-8 FL. OZ. (236ml)
Instant Mousse-4 FL. OZ. (118ml)
Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe-8 FL. OZ. (236ml)
Dark Lotion-8 FL. OZ. (236ml)

Transform Luxe-£24.99
Instant Mousse-£23.99
Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe-£39.99
Dark Lotion-£28.99
*prices from www.xen-tan.co.uk

Overall, all products are really good you just have to decide which one is the right for you and which one to buy. Always decide first what you expect from the product and how dark you want to get. It is always safer to start with a bit lighter self tanner and build gradually your tan. Don't waste your money, read reviews! That's really important if you don't have a choice of getting a sample to try it. Reviews and pictures can always help you with choosing the right product.

In UK you can get Xen-Tan products from official website www.xen-tan.co.uk

Hello lovelies, how are you all? I'm right now in the middle of moving home so I have no time at all to write posts or do new swatches. However I found some time to swatch these two beauties - SpaRitual Love Your Planet collection! If you love green..and even if it's not your cup of tea, check them out, they are just gorgeous!

The mini collection consists of two shades of green - Earth Matters and Greenhouse. Just in case you don't know that, SpaRitual nail polishes are VEGAN and eco-friendly.

Earth Matters - green and gold glittery particles in a green jelly. The green colour is nice and fresh, very nice shade.  I needed only two coats for a full coverage so the pigmentation is good. The formula is a bit runny but nothing too bad, just make sure you don't have nail polish dripping from the brush. The polish dries a bit gritty and matte but once you'll use a top coat, it will transform to this absolutely stunning green!

Direct sunlight
 Gritty finish before top coat

Greenhouse - light green with fine gold and green particles. The glitter particles are much finer than in Earth Matters polish.  Pigmentation is again good, I've applied two coats and it was absolutely enough. Formula is very nice as well, it applies easy but it's a little streaky though. The finish is nice without top coat but I've used it anyway.

There's one more thing you should check out, though. The cute packaging! It has so many little details and you can also grow a plant from it! Yes, you've heard right! There is a seed hidden inside the packaging and you can grow a plant from it! Also the portion of the sales will go to TreePeople to help plant new trees!

*This product has been sent to me for a review