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This is the last pre-wedding post, the next one will be when I'll be back and be married! You might be wondering how I'm preparing for my wedding day beauty-wise and what products I'm currently using. That's what today's post is about.


My usual routine throughout the year consists of occasional use of body butter when my skin gets itchy and night cream or oil serum before I go to bed. I'm just that lazy! But in preparation for the big day I've stepped up my game and have been using regularly quite a few products.


My Wedding Diary - Part 4: Beauty Regime & Products



Face care - I obviously want my skin to look its best so I've started a new routine with regular moisturising and exfoliation. I exfoliate my face in the shower with Yves Rocher apricot Fruity Scrub and then continue with my face routine:


No 7 Early Defence Eye Cream - this is the first step in my face care routine. I've always struggled with dark circles under my eyes. This cream doesn't erase them (nothing can!) but I've found that with keeping the skin hydrated makes it look better. It also soaks into the skin fast and doesn't leave a shiny or sticky residue.


Noxidoxi Enhancing serum - I got this little French product from the July Glossybox and have been using it since. It absorbs fast and leaves my skin nice and plump. I use it before face cream or before night oil serum.


Vichy Aqualia Thermal - another product from Glossybox that I like. Vichy has a very good reputation on the continent so I was happy to see it in the box and try it. It's a nice light moisturising cream for Summer. It wouldn't be heavy enough for Winter but now it's fine. It absorbs nicely and it does my skin good ;)


The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-oil - I like to use few drops of this oil after Noxidoxi Enhancing serum. It's too oily for day use but by morning my skin feels great. Definitely a great thing for those with dry skin.


Body Care - of course body care is a big whole chapter and I feel kind of pressured by all those tv ads, magazines and beauty bloggers to use different products for different parts of my body. I will probably stop after the wedding...yeah, lazy lol!


Kueshi Anticellulite Booster - I probably wouldn't buy a product specifically for getting rid of cellulite because they just don't work like we want them to, but this little product arrived in Glossybox so I've decided to use it. I have been using it for few weeks now twice a day and so far quality of my skin improved because of the continued moisturisation but cellulite seems the same. And yes, I exercise and drink just water. Nope, products aren't miracle workers!


Eucerin Intensive Lotion with 10% Urea - I've bought this specifically for my arms. I've never been really bothered about having keratosis pilaris (KP for short) but I would like to not have red spots on my arms in my wedding photos. Let's face it, who would want to photoshop hundreds of small spots from hundreds of photos, right? After a lot of research I've decided to try this Eucerin lotion with urea paired up with light exfoliation. I must say that it is really helping but I must keep using it and it is not gone completely. I would say it's a 50% improvement which is better than nothing.


Cuccio Milk & Honey Butter - I use this body butter for the rest of my body (not a lot is left! :D). I've shown you this product is some of the earlier monthly favourites posts and I'm still using it. It's nicely nourishing and leaves skin lightly perfumed, nothing overwhelming.


Gordon Castle Scotland products - it wouldn't be a wedding beauty prep without some luxurious pampering. Lovely people from Gordon Castle Scotland have treated me with a gift box full of products from their Flower Garden collection. What I like is that these are all 'handmade in the British Isles, free from artificial colours, fragrances, parabens and never tested on animals. Gordon Castle & Estate, in the north of Scotland, have a beauty range made using plants and flowers grown on the land and in their walled garden'. It's always nice to support local/British businesses. I'm currently enjoying beautifully smelling hand cream, bubble bath, bath oil and candle! The scent is very relaxing so the bath products and candle are a really special treat for bath-lovers.


Of course, my first impulse was to try the hand cream. It contains sweet almond oil and magnolia essential oil and a lot of flowers and herbs. The cream itself is light and absorbs really fast which I love and there's no sticky residue either. Have they cracked the secret of a perfect hand cream? Maybe! It is a bit pricier than the usual drugstore hand creams (£15 for 75ml) but so far for me it feels like you actually get what you pay for which is not always the case with high-end brands. So thumbs up from me!


My Wedding Diary - Part 4: Beauty Regime & Products



Hair Care - I don't do anything special for my hair apart from the occasional treatment with Vita Coco coconut oil. Of course it is a multi-purpose product and could be used for anything but I like to use it as a hair mask. It makes my hair really soft to the touch which I really like. I also use Macadamia Oil Shampoo and conditioner from Savers for £1 each. It is very cheap but so goo to my hair, including the hair mask from the same brand (reviewed here).


My Wedding Diary - Part 4: Beauty Regime & Products
My Wedding Diary - Part 4: Beauty Regime & Products


I guess I've covered them all, quite a few products, eh? I hope it will be at least useful to some of you, maybe you'll want to try some of these products or perhaps you've discovered a new brand.


I'm going to say goodbye for now and lend my blog to some very talented bloggers who will be guest posting while I'm gone. I might post to my Instagram or Facebook some minor updates of how my wedding and holiday is going but it will be pretty busy so I might be quiet ;) Bye and be happy! Lucie x



*Some products were previously sent as a PR sample


Hello lovelies,


I've just realised I haven't done 'monthly favourites' post for a while so I've gathered some of my recent favourite products/things to show you.


I haven't been doing much nail art lately because I'm just so busy with the wedding preparation (we're leaving in 9 days!!!) but when I do I use stamping. I've rediscovered my love for stamping and I can't get enough of all those beautiful new plates out there. The one I really like using right now is Pueen Lace Blossom plate (reviewed here), a huge plate full of different designs ranging from lace, florals to geometric. So that my first favourite, here's the rest...


The Very Late Monthly Favourites Post :)



Next up is my almost empty pot of Simply Satin by Bliss Kiss - a whipped body fluff with pearlescent particles. I've loved this product from the moment I first tried it. I have a dry skin and it left it nourished, moisturised and shimmery. It is so soft and fluffy it just melts on skin. It does leave oily film on skin but that didn't bother me because my skin loved it. It also smells very nice and sweet :) It is rarely available because it's a handmade product so if you want to try it, keep an eye on the website.


About (beacause the description says it better than I ever could):

Simply Satin™ Whipped Body Fluff soothes dry skin and helps re-balance your body’s natural moisture barrier. Over time your body will need less fluff to maintain its moisture. This all-natural, five ingredient, whipped body fluff is a non-greasy, fast absorbing, daily moisturizer that you will want to use from head to toe.

Simply Satin™ is a creamy colored, exquisitely light blend of Mango and Coconut butters, Jojoba Wax Ester, Olive Squalane, and Vitamin E. It’s perfect for sensitive skin since it’s free of gluten, parabens, and synthetic colors. The natural fragrance comes directly from blend of ingredients. We do not add any additional fragrance oils.


The Very Late Monthly Favourites Post :)



SpaRitual HandPrint hand serum is a serum I have been using for quite a while as well before applying hand cream and cuticle oil. It is very light and fast-absorbing and it doesn't leave any icky sticky layer. To me it smells like tangerines or those fizzy vitamin C tablets. It's a nice product with lovely packaging (matte glass bottle and a pump) but the price is a bit higher with £21.50/$40 per 30ml.


About: Handprint Hand Serum is formulated with Swiss Apple Stem Cells and infused with Ginger Root Extract to soften and smooth skin's texture, Pumpkin Fruit Extract to build collagen and promote elasticity, and Licorice Root to help treat discolouration.


The Very Late Monthly Favourites Post :)



And FINALLY, the nail art book of the year (for me)! The lovely Sophie Harris-Greenslade aka The Illustrated Nail has released a book called Nail It! full of nail art tutorials and nail care and nail art advice. I genuinely squeeled with joy when the book arrived and I spent good 10 minutes just flipping through and looking at the 100 nail art tutorials. There are simple and intricate designs and picture and worded step-by-step instructions so everyone can find something for them.


I've already recreated one design called Ditsy (in photo above) and will be doing a whole post on it later. Nail It! is available on Amazon UK for £13.48


The Very Late Monthly Favourites Post :)



So those are some of my recent favourites - which one do you like most and would like to try?


Have a lovely day! Lucie x


*Post contains products previously sent for consideration