I had a chance to buy some Nails Inc. polishes and today I'll show you one named Shoreditch. Interesting thing is that Nails Inc. polishes are named after streets and places in London. According to guide-book, Shoreditch is an area of London within the London Borough of Hackney. By the late eighteen hundreds, Shoreditch was a slum ruled by criminals and prostitutes. The area didn’t manage to clean up until an influx of artists moved in during the ‘90s, but there are still some dodgy areas....must to go there some time...at daytime :D

The colour is cream red-pink. I liked the formula of the polish - it was smooth and non-streaky. It also needed two coats for a full coverage and lasted 3 days without chipping which is quite good :) I'm definitely looking forward to try another ones I have :)

Wow, this is my 100th post and I thank you guys for reading my blog and lovely comments :) I am little bit busy these days so sorry for lack of posts ;) Despite thet I hope you will still read my blog :)

Today I've got for you Golden Rose Chameleon Effect nail polish. I must say I really like it. The colour is not flat and boring, it is rich magenta/purple colour with pink shimmer. Colour was easy to apply but a little bit streaky.

At the end I stamped nails with fauxnad plate and Color Club Smoke and mirrors nail polish.

Teeeda, tak tohle uz je muj sty prispevek :) Moc dekuju, ze muj blog ctete a dekuju taky za pekne komentare :) Ted mam troskucasove narocnejsi obdobi,takze se omlouvam za nedostatek prispevku. Presto doufam,ze mi i nadale zustanete verne :)

Dnes tu mam lacek Golden Rose Chameleon Effect. Musim rict,ze se mi moc libi. Barva neni nudna, je krasne syta a ma urcitou hloubku. Je to takova ruzovo-fialova s ruzovym trpytem. Lak se dobre nanasel, jen malinko pruhoval.

Nakonec jsem nehty orazitkovala fauxnad destickou a lakem Color Club Smoke and mirrors.