Finally! After three years I finished my uni studies so now I have more time to you,guys! I have here some random pics which in my opinion don't deserve separate post :)

Nubar Silver Spark-best use as a glittery topcoat / nejvic se hodi jako trpytkaty topcoat

Maybelline Sparkling Strawberry

Nfu Oh 108 with Collection 2000 Sparkle topcoat
Barry M Red Wine
OPI Royal Rajah Ruby
My early tries for nail art :D
Mac Ooh

This nail polish has been passed around many times from one of my friend to another and finally ended up with me. Aaaaand it is not my cup of tea.... :( I really like the colour in the bottle-cold pink with golden shimmer but it doesn't look good on my nails :( Well, what can you do, right? Only pass it along and make happy somebody else for a while..