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I've decided to show you my favourite 5 red lipsticks. Maybe my swatches will help you to find your favourite shade :)

1. Estee Lauder All-Day Lipstick in shade Sarong
This is my favourite shade - it is a dark red wine shade with a purple undertones
pros: great pigmentation
cons: dry formula, colour feathers, not long-stay colour

2. Chantecaille Lip Chic in shade Dahlia
Red Wine colour in the tube, brighter red on the lips
pros: insanely moisturising!, glossy on the lips
cons: not long-wear formula, not very pigmented, price

3. NYX Hestia
Red wine colour with dark brown untertones
pros: price, great pigmentation, creamy, not dry formula
cons: not long-wear formula, colour feathers

4. NYX Rose
Bright red-pink colour
pros: price, creamy formula, very pigmented
cons: not long-wear formula, colour feathers

5. AVON Classic Berry
Very Dark wine red with dark brown undertones
pros: price, quite long-stay formula, very pigmented
cons: colour feathers

What is YOUR favourite red lipstick?

I am not a fan of Avon and Oriflame nail polishes, but I just had to have this gorgeous purle! Well but the pretty colour is the only advantage this polish has. The application was a bit tricky because the brush is quite long and my one is curved so it made application even worse :( This brush is so far the worst I have ever worked with :( The nail polish started to chip within 24 hours which is really annoying, especially when you spent at least an hour by making nice nail art :D

So for the graduate silver colour I've used piece of kitchen sponge and Wild and Crazy Color Hazard nail polish. Then for the flowers I've used white Konad Special nail polish and Fauxnad image plate (as you can see, flowers are not perfect).

Nejsem zrovna fanousek "avonackych" a "oriflamackych" laku na nehty, ale tenhle jsem proste musela mit uz jen kvuli te nadherne fialove barve! No a ta krasna barva je to jedine pozitivum u tohohle laku. Aplikace byla dost slozita, protoze stetec u laku je dost dlouhy a v mem pripade je stetec takovy pokriveny,jakoby prelezeny,coz aplikaci jeste ztizilo. Tenhle stetec je zatim ten nejhorsi, se kterym jsem kdy pracovala. Lak samotny se zacal odlupovat behem jednoho dne, coz je dost otravny, zvlaste, kdyz stravite prinejmensim hodinu vytvarenim pekneho nail artu :D

Takze pro stribrne stinovani jsem pouzila kousek kuchynske houbicky a Wild and Crazy Color Hazard nail polish. Pak na kyticky bily Konad lak a Fauxnad (fejkova Konad desticka :D) desticku-jak je videt, neni to Konad a kyticky proste nejsou perfektni.

And here is Avon Decadence with one layer of Collection 2000 Sparkle Top Coat.
A tady Avon Decadence s jednou vrstvou Collection 2000 Sparkle Top Coat.