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Hi everybody!

I've seen this Gilded Gradient Nail Art manicure by Illamasqua and I've decided to recreate it. You can see the original post and watch tutorial video HERE.

Because I don't own all the polishes from the video I had to improvise. As a base I've used two coats of Illamasqua Monogamous. Then I took a piece of sponge I wash dishes with (new one ;) to achieve the 'grainy' look. I started dabbing Illamasqua Victory (gold) to the tips and create gradient effect. The I had to find similar brown-ish colour to Faithful so I chose Barielle Cashmere Or Loose Me. Then I added a little bit of a bling instead of Swinger polish. I've used OPI Spark De Triomphe.

It is not exactly the same manicure but it's close enough I think :)

And this is the original manicure by Illamasqua:

Hello lovelies!

Today? Flakiiiieeees! I finally got my paws on Barielle Buddha-ful and I want to share it :)

Buddha-ful - green flakies changing to blue in a pinky-peach jelly. In this case I've applied one coat of Buddha-ful over Pink Quartz. By itself the polish is sheer and you would need about three coats so it's much better to layer it over a different polish. I was lucky to own Pink Quartz that is almost the same shade as the Buddha-ful jelly base. It applied nicely despite Buddha-ful having a bit thick formula.  I had to use topcoat as the flakies create a little uneven finish but we all use topcoat anyway, right?