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Hello lovelies!

Hope you like my new header; I must say I really like it! If you have anything to say regarding the new header, please leave a comment below this post :) Ok, let's get back to today's colour which is Shannon’s Attitude by Barielle! Shannon's Attitude is one of the new 90 shades introduced recently and is available at but not yet in UK.

Shannon’s Attitude - sheer purple jelly with string holo glitter. The jelly also have tiny holo glitter particles in it as well as the bigger string glitter. The jelly by itself is very sheer, you would need like four coats for a decent opacity and that is why I layered one coat of Shannon’s Attitude over Illamasqua Stance. It is much better layered over another polish rather than by itself. It applied very nicely, the glitter didn't stick out of the nail so that's another plus. If it wouldn't be so sheer, it would be a really great jelly & glitter polish.

Shannon’s Attitude over Illamasqua Stance with one coat of Essie Matte About You.

*This polish was provided to me for a review

Hello everybody!

Today I will show you the whole Barielle Gemstone Earth Collection for spring 2012. It consists of five shades with creme and metallic finish. I couldn't find any official press release but as you can see, colours are inspired by Earth so it contains natural shades.

L-R: Back To Nature, Pink Quartz, Amber Sparkler, Granite Glitter, Green Opal

Amber Sparkler - metallic brown with silver pearl shimmer. As you can see, the colour is quite streaky so I had to pay a lot of attention to application. The pigmentation is great, the colour was very good in one coat but I've applied two to get deeper shade and better control over the 'streaks'. Whenever I have streaky polish I automatically apply two coats because the second coat allows me to control the brushstrokes better. Polish also dries fast and removal is without problems. 

Back To Nature - neutral peach creme shade. This is quite good shade for me; I wore it for a business conference and felt really good in it. Firstly I applied just one coat which was enough for full coverage and for the second day of wearing I applied second coat just for taking the pictures as the topcoat was scratched a bit. Very nicely pigmented shade which applies nicely and dries reasonably fast. 

Granite Glitter - metallic charcoal silver with just a hint of green (and no glitter). I like this shade very much, it is not classic cold charcoal silver but it has olive undertone in it. The application was good, the finish is a little streaky but not as much as Amber Sparkler. This is two coats and drying time was average.

Green Opal - metallic olive green with gold shimmer. This is a very nice shade and quite unique. At least I didn't notice many golden olive shades recently. It applied very nicely with again a little streaky formula...but I think that with this shade the streaks are not that visible. Pigmentation was good again, I'm wearing two coats. 

Pink Quartz - baby pink creme. I had to apply the polish twice because I've experienced quite a few problems. On the first try the colour created bald spots in the first two coats so I applied third coat. That seemed to even the polish out BUT after the colour started to dry, lots of bubbles under the polish appeared. I couldn't possibly take pictures with lots of bubbles in the polish so I removed it. On the second try I changed basecoat from Trind to OPI basecoat it was much better. I'm wearing two thicker coats. I don't know if it was just the topcoat's fault or if it's the formula of the polish however I didn't like having such problems at all.

Overall, the collection has very nice colours with quite good formula with exception of the Pink Quartz. The metallic colours were somewhat streaky but the formula was generally good. I like the colour palette and finishes and will definitely be trying more Barielle shades.

I'm really glad that the Barielle brand is still going and recently produced 90 new colours. That's a major boost! To be honest I'd prefer putting those new shades into collections throughout a year, which would be much easier to market and promote and also refer to.

Barielle polishes can be purchased at and

*These polishes were provided to me for a review