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Hello lovelies!

The first ever She Said Beauty box arrived!!! I am not disappointed :) This March box is currently sold out so if you'll decide to subscribe, you'll get the April box. The box cost £11.95 per month (incl. postage) and if you'll refer your friends who will subscribe via your referral link, you can earn free boxes. Also if you'll subscribe now, you'll get introductory 25% discount! Please use my referral link:

So let's have a look at the box: the outside carboard box is in fuchsia pink colour, basically the same like with Glossybox except the colour of course.

After opening the box, lovely turquoise coloured box showed up :) i like the colour but it doesn't go with my other stuff so i won't be using this one for storage.

Lovely packed, the ribbon and sticker has become pretty much standard for beauty boxes. But still a very nice touch to it.

Woohoo! That's my box! It's a very nice for the first box and it includes good mix of products from makeup, nails to skincare and hair care. And a lovely tea on the top!

AVEDA smooth infusion trio - 3-piece pack contains Shampoo, conditioner and Style-Prep Smoother to ensure you get that salon feel at home.


Orly mini nail polish in Black out & nail file - I'm very happy about getting another Orly mini and I'm also happy to get black colour. I haven't tried it yet but is it will be well pigmented, I can use it for nail art and stamping :) Nail file is also very handy. It a bit too rough but it will be good when I will want to file down longer nail. On the card it says that full size costs £5 and it's 5.4ml - that is not true. Miniature has 5.3ml and full size has 18ml.

Comfort Zone Good Night Kit - Give your skin a good night with Comfort Zone Renight Recover Cream, the latest antioxidant with vitamin infusions for the skin. I won't be using this product as I already have my night skincare so no review here. Samples have 6ml (Renight recover Cream) & 4ml (Renight Recover Complex). £52.95 for 50ml cream

We Are Faux Eyelashes - these eyelashes are supposed to be handmade from high quality synthetic fibre. Mine are really beautiful thick lashes. They look like they are really good quality and they retail for £9.

Collection 2000 Cream Puff lip colour - Enriched with a hyper-moisturising, vitamin-rich formula, the creamy colour hugs lips to give your pout the perfect powdery finish. This is not really a product that I would expect in a beauty box just because it is quite cheap-ish drugstore product. I'm pretty sure there will be lots of rants about this but overall it's nice product. The colour is not for me, I got Fairy Cake 3, but I swatched it on my hand ad it was extremely pigmented and creamy. RRP £2.99

Jing Flowering Dragon Eye Tea - A light and fragrant green tea wrapped around a pot marigold in the base, an arch of pure jasmine blossoms and globe amaranth flower which blossoms above when infused. I am very excited about this bonus item! I love tea and I always wanted to try something like this! I just have to get some glass jug to see the flower blossom and possibly take pictures :) RRP £9, you can use 15% off code 20111606 at

I like the box despite some items that I won't use and I will definitely stay subscribed. Don't forget to fill in the beauty profile so they can (hopefully) tailor the box according to your needs.

Once again, if you'd like to subscribe, now is the right time as 25% discount still applies. Please use my referral link:

Hello girls,

My Carmine finally arrived! I was really excited to see great selection of products (again!) for nails, face, body, and also some very generous full-sized products. Let's have a look what February Carmine box contains:

My box includes:

  •  Andrea Fulerton Nail Varnish
  •  Steamcream - Steam-infused skincare
  •  Diego Dalla Palma lipstick sample
  •  White Glo - Professional Choice whitening toothpaste
  • Balance Me Rose Otto Body Wash
  • Yardley London - Peony fragrance 

Andrea Fulerton Nail Varnish - Nail polishes were developed by celebrity nail technician Andrea Fulerton.

I've never tried this brand before although I saw it in Superdrug. In my box I got shade Naomi, darker red jelly-ish shade, exactly my kind of colour! I'm very happy I didn't get brown or beige shade :) The formula was kinda good for drugstore brand; there are 2 coats in the picture. I could easily do with three for better coverage. But it's a jelly finish, those are not usually opaque. The polish is full size (5.5ml) and retails around £5.

Steamcream - Steam-infused skincare - a lightweight, all-in-one moisturiser featuring nourishing oils - that can be used literally from head to toe.

I LOVE THE TIN!!! It's gorgeous light metal tin with leopard print on it. I saw somewhere another print - planet Earth from space and on the website there are so many different tins. Absolutely gorgeous! I haven't heard of steamcream before despite it being the big thing now (I don't really care much about skincare). The cream is very light, it has strong lavender smell which is not really my kind of smell but I'll give it a chance. It soaks fast to the skin and it leaves on my skin like a creamy film. I will be using it for a while to makeup my mind. It is a full size (75g) which retails for £10.50 - That is very reasonable price for 75g cream, especially if you'll use it only on your face.

20% off using carmine20 at ( exp 30th April 2012)

Diego Dalla Palma lipstick sample - From one of Italy's top brands, this sophisticated, intense pigment lipstick provides the perfect touch of long lasting colour.

This is the first time I've heard of this brand and unfortunately the shade of the lipstick is not 'my colour' so I won't be even trying it.

White Glo - Professional Choice whitening toothpaste - From Australian brand that makes formulas for coffee and tea drinkers, just a drop of this whitening toothpaste will leave your pearly whites in absolute mint condition!

I'm so excited to try some good whitening toothpaste! I drink black tea everyday over the autumn and winter and I'm starting to see it on my teeth. I'll be testing it from today :) The toothpaste sample has 24g. 100g toothpaste with toothbrush included retail for £4.07 in Boots.

Balance Me Rose Otto Body Wash - Exquisitely fragranced in the name of spring, these natural body washes will leave your skin velvety smooth and smelling like heaven.

This is another full-sized product in the box. The body wash has 125ml and has rose smell, just like Turkish delights. I'm currently in love and fully stocked up with rituals Foaming shower gels so I will probably swap this product for something else (I like the nail polishes and the toothpaste everybody ;) The value of this body wash is £5.88

For 10% off Rose Otto or Super Moisturising Body Washes visit and use code CARMINEWASHES2012 (exp 30th April 2012)

In addition, I got Yardley London - Peony fragrance sample as an extra. I'm actually really pleased that fragrance sample is a bonus and not counted as an item because I always felt a bit cheated. I don't really like most fragrances so it was always one product less for me.