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Hi girls :)
I'm a little bit late with this Fall collection  as it had to travel to me from Dr.'s Remedy to a lovely Karen from Frazzle and Aniploish and then finally to me. I will also show you the Jolly & Joy Holiday collection next. 
This is the first time I've tried Dr.'s Remedy  polishes and some of you might not know this brand too so here is some basic info about the polishes:
"Dr.'s Remedy is a line of doctor-inspired cosmetics that is dedicated to using clean, hypoallergenic ingredients. Dr.'s REMEDY is the most unique nail polish on the market, created by two doctors who truly care. Once you experience the high quality of this enriched polish, you'll be happy you switched to a healthier alternative."

Sounds good, huh? But is the formula good as the company's description? I was very sceptical at first because I've never heard of the polishes before but I was more than pleasantly surprised! I like the simple bottles with smooth matte lid. Well let's have a look at the Fall Fever collection:

DEFENSE Deep Red -a rich bordeaux jelly. Very nicely pigmented jelly polish, this is only two coats! I had no problems with application, it was smooth, not runny, not thick (for example BB Couture Erotic Night is similar but application is patchy and horrible). Dr.'s Remedy describes this colour as with matte finish but mine is nice and shiny which I like better. I could mattify it anytime with topcoat ;) The only drawback was that polish coloured lightly my cuticles and nails (but really only lightly for a day).

NOBLE Navy - dark navy blue cream. Amazing pigmentation - this is just one coat!!! The colour is shiny, was easy to apply and didn't stain my nails. There's not much more to say, this is a great one!

BALANCE Brick - dusty pinkish red creme. Pigmentation is again good, I've used two coats but one was almost enough. Second coat added nice depth to the colour. It dries fast and removal was without any problems.

I'm impressed...I really didn't expect such a great formula! For example the NOBLE Navy has a tad better formula than OPI and that's something. I dare to say the rest is comparable to OPI. The brush is good too, I had no problems with it. Overall the pigmentation and formula is excellent!
Polishes retail for $17 at, right know I can see there some polishes on offer for $14.
*These polishes were provided to me by PR company. I've expressed my honest opinion.

Hi girls :)

I finally swatched the whole Muppets collection :) Today is the summary of all the glitters. You can have a look at the Part 1: Colours if you haven't seen it already.

All the glitters except Excuse Moi! were exactly the same only differed in colour. They are great for layering, in fact they look much better layered over another colour. All the swatches here (except Excuse Moi!) are over Color Club Black.

Getting’ Miss Piggy With It - small red hexagonal glitter mixed with large silver hexagonal glitter in a clear base. Again I've used one coat of glitter and one coats of topcoat. It dries fast and you better use the fiol technique to remove it. This combo reminds me of Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers polish except in DL polish are all glitters red, no silver ones. I personally like this mani with Getting’ Miss Piggy With It better...and it's chaper ;)

Fresh Frog of Bel Air - small green hexagonal glitter mixed with large silver hexagonal glitter in a clear base. I've applied one coat of glitter and one coats of topcoat. There's not much more to say about this glitter, only that it dries fast and looks good :)

Gone Gonzo! - small light blue hexagonal glitter mixed with large silver hexagonal glitter in a clear base. It has exactly the same formula as other glitters in this collection - dries fast, it's tough to remove and applies good. This one reminds me Revlon Blue Mosaic except it doesn't contain green glitter.

Rainbow Connection - different size and colour glitters in a clear base. This is a great layering polish. I don't like it by itself, it looks like circus on the nails or confetti, just too much. But like this over black or white it looks quite nice :)

Divine Swine - purple and silver glitter in a clear base. The purple glitter is ordinary small glitter, the silver glitter is bigger hexagonal glitter. It dried fast which is always great. It really reminds me of polishes like Revlon Facets of Fuchsia and Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance.

Excuse Moi! - beautiful dark pink jelly with different size and colour glitters. There's so many colours that I'm not going to write them all :D I've applied two thicker coats and you can see the coverage in the pictures. I think it's pretty good for a glitter and jelly :) It dried reasonably fast. As most glitters, I had to use a layer of topcoat to make it nice and smooth. This polish is really adorable and I like it the most from all the glitters in the collection :)