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Hello my lovelies :)

Hope you'll all have a great weekend :) While I'll finish swatching and editing the new Zoya collection I'll show you some swatches I've had for a bit longer but didn't get to publish them. One of them is silver glitter Starry Sky from Barielle.

Starry Sky -silver hexagonal glitter in a clear base. This is basically a glitter topcoat because whilst it has a lot of glitter in it would take many coats to get full coverage. That makes it ideal for layering. I'm wearing just one coat of Starry Sky in the pictures. It applied nicely and because there was plenty of glitter I didn't have to bother with spreading glitter carefully. It doesn't dry gritty.

Starry Sky over Amber Sparkler both by Barielle

Starry Sky over Granite Glitter both by Barielle

*These were provided to me for a review

Hi everybody!

So many of you have asked me for a tutorial for this manicure and here it is!

I've used OPI Base coat, 2 coats of OPI Wooden Shoe Like To Know? from Holland collection, Best Glue Ever, regular gold mylar foil and Seche Vite top coat.

I wanted to create effect of gold flames on OPI Wooden Shoe Like To Know? Did I succeed?

I've decided to do a video tutorial as well so hope you'll like it :)