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Hello lovelies,


I've taken few days off from blogging because there was extra work around wedding paperwork and you probably know how stressful, stubborn and stupid councils and governmental organisations can be! Hopefully all be sorted out soon :)


Today I want to show you brand new stamping plates that I got. They are called B. Loves Plates and they come from Poland. Creator Anna, who writes B for Beautiful Nails blog ( has created three different plates for start and asked me if I could share them with you.


I have B.01 - geometry is perfect and B.02 - flower power plates and cute rainbow-coloured scraper:

B. Loves Plates - New Stamping Plates On The Block!
B. Loves Plates - New Stamping Plates On The Block!
B. Loves Plates - New Stamping Plates On The Block!
B. Loves Plates - New Stamping Plates On The Block!



Each plate has 21 designs and the rainbow branded back and comes with the blue protective foil. The dimensions of the plates are 9,5cm x 14,5cm and the individual images measure 1.6cm x 2.0 cm. The images are nicely etched and all stamp well, so far I have tried with five different polishes and they all worked well. I also got a cute branded scraper and badge.


As I've mentioned earlier, I got two plates but Anna has designed three in total. The B.01 - geometry is perfect is full of geometric patterns, B.02 - flower power has beautiful floral images and the last one available is B.03 - mind blown which features optical illusion images. B. Loves Plates products are available in their Etsy store for £9.99/$15 per plate.


I've prepared a nail art for you using B. Loves Plates flower power plate:


B. Loves Plates - New Stamping Plates On The Block!
B. Loves Plates - New Stamping Plates On The Block!
B. Loves Plates - New Stamping Plates On The Block!
B. Loves Plates - New Stamping Plates On The Block!
B. Loves Plates - New Stamping Plates On The Block!



For this manicure I have used Dance Legend no.1051 Enamel Glass as a base colour, B. loves plates B.02 flower power plate & Dance Legend Stylet from the Steel collection to stamp the floral pattern. Then I've used round glitter from Bundle Monster set to decorate three nails. The glitter wasn't bleeding colour and has a pretty pearl sheen to it. I also used gold caviar beads from Ebay.


That's all from me today, you all have a lovely day! Lucie


*PR samples

Hi everyone,

I have decided to put together a Christmas Gift Guide for Nail Lovers. It might give an idea to you or your loved ones what to buy and what's available. I've included many items that are often a bit pricier so it would be a lovely Christmas treat. There are many items in this guide that I would personally like to own so I hope you will feel the same way and maybe, just maybe you will find some of them under you Christmas tree :)

Christmas Gift Guide for Nail Lovers & Addicts




Flakies are a huge thing now, especially the new multichrome opaque flakie polishes. I'm lucky to own six of the new ILNP flakie polishes and I can wholeheartedly say - you should get some! They look stunning and are very versatile and there's a lot of variety at the moment. Some of the flakie polishes available are:


ILNP Ultra Chrome Flakies $12.50 each

Polish Me Silly Flakie Topcoats $7.50 each

Girly Bits Ermahgerd Flerkers! $13 each

Christmas Gift Guide for Nail Lovers & Addicts




These beauties can't be left out of my list. The release of Louboutin polishes earlier this year caused a lot of stir and I must say one day I would like to own the classic red one too. The whole bottle is just a thing of beauty and I think it will be a prized possession in every nail lover's collection.


Louboutin polishes are available at:

US: Louboutin website, Sephora, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom...

UK: Louboutin website UK, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols...

Christmas Gift Guide for Nail Lovers & Addicts





Nails Inc offers a special customisable polishes. You can choose blinged up caps, smooth gold cap or silver monogrammed cap and different nail polish shades and create your own combination. These polishes come with a £20-25 price tag so it would definitely be a nice personalised stocking filler. You can get them at Nails Inc website.

Christmas Gift Guide for Nail Lovers & Addicts





Those who stamp never have enough stamping plates, right? I see it with myself, I want more and more, just imagining the possibilities I could do with them and all the new brands and collections just leave me wanting more. I'm sure that if you buy some stamping plates for those who like stamping nail art they won't be disappointed. Plates can be bought from $0.99 upwards. Some of the brands of stamping plates available are:


MoYou London

Pueen Cosmetics

Bundle Monster

Winstonia Store

MoYou Nails


Vivid Lacquer plates

Messy Mansion

Born Pretty Store

Christmas Gift Guide for Nail Lovers & Addicts





Hand care products are another category of gifts that nail lovers will appreciate. To keep our hands nice and healthy we use a lot of hand creams, cuticle balms and oils. Also don't forget about all the lotions, soaks and hand scrubs! There's a vast array of brands and products on the market and there's no way I can list them all so I just picked some that I tried and liked.

Rituals Hand Therapy scrub & mask

All That Jazz Hand and nail care products

LUSH Lemony Flutter

Glisten & Glow Nail + Cuticle Balm

Alessandro Cream Royal Nutrifying Hand Treatment (mask)

OPI Avoplex Hand Cream

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

SpaRitual Handprint Hand Serum

SpaRitual Cuti-Cocktail cuticle oil

Bliss Kiss Nail Oil*

Christmas Gift Guide for Nail Lovers & Addicts





I'm sure you've all seen the wonderful new 'tool' called Liquid Palisade, right? It has been around for a while but lately it seems to gain immense popularity as a 'clean up tool'. It's basically a liquid latex in a tub with a brush for easy application. Here's what I'm thinking - if you want to make 'nail lover' happy, Liquid Palisade is a great cool product to have but it comes with a $22 price tag. If you want to make yourself happy and want to save some pennies then you can buy yourself a tub of coloured liquid latex found in costume shops, Amazon or other different online stores. You can put it into old cleaned out nail polish bottle or nail art pen bottle for convenience (tip: Use a drinking straw to transfer the latex into smaller bottle).

Christmas Gift Guide for Nail Lovers & Addicts





Having a good nail file is essential so why not treat your beloved nail addict with their favourite brand's file or fancy crystal-decorated nail file? Crystal nail files are a great choice and currently there is plenty of choice out there. I can personally recommend the Mont Bleu Czech Crystal nail files which are beautifully decorated with Swarovski crystals. Other available crystal nail files are:


Mont Bleu Czech Design Glassware

Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File

Cirque Crystal Nail File

Bliss Kiss Crystal Nail File*

OPI Crystal File

Christmas Gift Guide for Nail Lovers & Addicts





I must include The Ultimate Fix, a polish drying spray. I have been using it for the past year whenever I did manicure for 'going out' and it's one of my staples. I'm sure that every woman that paints her own nails will appreciate the saved time and smudge-free manicure with this product. I have previously written a full review here. The Ultimate Fix is available in two sizes and priced at £17 for the 200ml bottle (50 manicures) and £9.50 for the 50ml bottle (12 manicures) on Beauty Narcotix website.

Christmas Gift Guide for Nail Lovers & Addicts





Many brands are releasing various nail polish gift boxes for the holiday season so there is plenty to choose from if you want to gift nail polish. Usually the popular ones are from OPI, China Glaze, Leighton Denny (beautiful kaleidoscope & holographic packaging this year), Sparitual and many more. Just pop into your local drug store or visit the brand websites to find them.

Christmas Gift Guide for Nail Lovers & Addicts





I simply must include my favourite brand of nail oil - Bliss Kiss. There are hundreds of others that will agree with me saying this oil is a blessing and it's really great! If you want to improve condition of your nails and cuticles then I can more than recommend this product as a gift or to try yourself. Ana, the creator of Bliss Kiss, has also brought some new other amazing products on the market and one of them is Simply Sealed Lotion stick. I like to use both the oil and the lotion stick every night and keeps my mitts in top condition.


Both Bliss Kiss nail oil and Simply Sealed Stick are available in Bliss Kiss online store*.

Christmas Gift Guide for Nail Lovers & Addicts





Polish Me Silly brand has recently came up with cute polish tags in different styles and colours. I have purchased one straight away so I can show you how it looks in real life. The polish tags are definitely bigger than regular 'dog tags' as you can see and I will be proudly hanging mine on my car's review mirror.


This a very cute present and even better - you'll be supporting a small business! These tags cost $14.95 and will be available at Polish Me Silly Etsy store.


EDIT: It looks like there was an overwhelming demand and these tags will be available again at the beginning of next year.

Christmas Gift Guide for Nail Lovers & Addicts
Christmas Gift Guide for Nail Lovers & Addicts





Cirque has released a limited edition Ultimate Luxe Gift Set which consists of Au- 23 carat gold flake polish and Mirror Mirror - pure silver-coated flake polish. They look stunning and I'm pretty sure this would be a great gift for anyone who loves nail polish. This gift set can be purchased at Cirque website for $45.

Christmas Gift Guide for Nail Lovers & Addicts





And of course I need to include the newest addition to the piCture pOlish family - my own collaboration shade called Dragonfly (reviewed here)! There were six new collaboration shades in total and all can be found at piCture pOlish website for AU$13.

Christmas Gift Guide for Nail Lovers & Addicts
Christmas Gift Guide for Nail Lovers & Addicts


I hope my Christmas Guide at least inspired you. I'm sure there are plenty of great things that I forgot to cover so feel free to share them with others in the comments.


Have a lovely day! Lucie x



*I have not been compensated for including any of the items in the guide but it contains one affiliate link.