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In the giveaway comments you could earn an extra entry when you tell me what would you like me to do, improve or anything else. I had several requests to do the post showing how do I care about my nails.

Feed them from the inside

First of all, I take vitamin pills BIOSIL PLUS which contain biotin, zinc and other important vitamins for nails. I think it is important to feed your nails also from the inside. I am guilty of not eating vegetable and almost always forget about fruit so at least I'm trying to help my nails with vitamins.

Shape it !

For shaping my nails I usually use manicure scissors if I want to short them a lot. Then I shape them with glass file. NEVER file your nail back and forward! It might
cause splitting. I always file them in one direction however I've read that another good way is to pile them from outside of the nail to the centre. I honestly cannot tell you which is the best way, I can only tell you how I do it :) I have this pink file but I would really like a better one as this feels like it's crap :-/

Feed your cuticles

You need to feed not only your nails but also your cuticles. I use Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle cream and I'll probably buy Lush Lemony Flutter as well. I do not recommend you to cut your cuticles as you can hurt yourself or cause infection! Cuticles are very sensitive and need constant care. After softening them with Lemon butter I do use my nails or a pusher to push the cuticles back. I do need to try some of the cuticle removers to get rid of the dead skin more effectively. As you can see in the picture from the previous posts I have a big problem with dry skin around my nails and so far nothing helped me. If you now anything which might help, I'll be gratefull for the advice.

Protect your nails

A good base coat with an extra vitamins is also important. Not only it nourishes your nails but can protect them from colouring from nail polishes. I'm currently testing a Barielle Protect Plus Color Nail Strengthener in shade Natural Beige. So far I am very happy with this, it is definitely better for me than Essie Protein Base coat was.

Everyday care

I'm trying to moisturize my hands every day but I'm very lame at this. I usually use Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector because I found it to be really good hand cream except the smell. Yeah, the smell...kind of funny hemp smell which probably not everyone will be able to stand. I also sometines use Lush Soft Touch in the evening before going to bed. It is an extra care for me, I don't do it every day. But I guarantee you nice and soft hands in the morning :)

Scrub them!

Time to time I need to use a peeling to get rid of the dry and dead skin on my hands. I mostly use Rituals Hand Therapy with Ginseng & Ginkgo Biloba (Now in a new green packaging) which is an amazing product. Really! I've tried sample and I had to buy a full size. It not only scrubs your hands but it leaves them nourished and really really soft.

Hope I answered all your questions about my nail and hand care but feel free to ask anything :)