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Hello :)

I did another layering over Essie Raspberry I've reviewed here. Nfu Oh's are just beutiful and I love experimenting with them! As it says in the title, I've layered Nfu Oh #50 over Essie Raspberry.

Hello my lovelies :)

Another layering experiment here at Lucy's Stash today :) Are you tired of them or do you want more?

I have here Golden Rose Scale Effect 06 (light blue/green flakies) layered over Dr.'s Remedy ESSENTIAL Emerald. Another mermaid-y colour? Golden Rose flakies are very good substitute for Nfu Oh's but they won't give you that jelly with shimmer base...but you can layer it over a jelly polish or shimmery polish and it will look great.

How freakin' beautiful is this???